TFT Set 8: Monsters Attack! A First Look at the Threat Trait and Champions

A new set always brings us lots and lots of new synergies to learn and master, but more isn’t always better. Threats, a new type of unit in TFT Set 8, are a clear example of this.

Threats are champions that for the first time don’t have any synergies! Monstrous units that we’ll be able to utilize to terror the enemy board. Let’s take a look at each one, as we go over which individual role they fulfill.

The keyword here is Flexibility, they have to be able to fit any board, filling for a whatever is that we need in the moment. Need a Tank against AP damage? An ADC for those items on your bench? A late game hyper carry? All of this and much more!

Without further ado, lets take a look at each Threat on Set 8, and what role they fill.

Cho’Gath – Anti-Mage Tank

  • Passive: Cho’Gath has increased Magic Resist.
  • Spell: Cho’Gath breathes a cosmic beam in a forward arc that deals Magic Damage to enemies hit and increases their maximum Mana by until they cast.

It is more than clear that Cho’Gath has came to fulfill that ultimate Anti-Mage front line dream. Not only he gets tankier with Magic Resist, but his damage also scales with it, making it his primary stat. Even though he’s not the most exciting Threat, we’ll still have to watch out and see just how much damage his cosmic beam can deal when he’s properly built.

His Carry augment, Energy Void, lets him steal Magic Resist from all enemies hit by his cosmic beam, making him a ticking time bomb for the enemy team as the fight goes on.
His Support augment, Cosmic Barrier, gives your team an enormous Magic Resist bonus, that doubles for Cho’Gath.

It would seem Cho’Gaths power will depend on how much magic damage there is on the meta/lobby. He’ll probably be needing some external healing too keep himself alive during the fight, and correct positioning to land those cosmic beams, but in the right circumstances he could be one of those 1v9 champions.

Rammus – Anti-AD tank

  • Passive: Rammus has increased Armor.
  • Spell: Rammus powers himself up and leaps to the largest group of nearby enemies, dealing Magic Damage, knocking them up, and reducing their Attack Damage for a few seconds.

Terras spiritual successor, even though he’s not going to be causing the same magnitude of earthquakes, Rammus promises to be just as tanky against the right type of units. With the ability to leap directly into the backline and reduce their AD, many people will start to miss the days where Rammus wasn’t in TFT.

His Carry augment, Spiked Shell, lets him reflect damage taken to nearby units, this scales with Armor.
His Support augment, Armored-Dillo, gives your team an enormous Armor bonus, that doubles for Rammus.

Same as his counterpart Cho’Gath, how useful Rammus is will depend on what kind of units he’s against, with the slight difference that AD is more common, specially in the early stages of the game. His ability to apply heavy CC directly to the back line, and the fact that he deals Magic Damage, will turn him into a great user for Brambles and Morellos/Sunfire.

Vel’Koz- Control Mage / Burst

  • Vel’Koz freezes the enemy champion that has dealt the most damage this round, dealing Magic Damage.

Short and to the point. Vel’Koz doesn’t mess around, if there’s an threat on the enemy side, he’ll take care of it. The upcoming terror of all back line Hyper carries, whether it be itemized to one shot, or just for the unit itself and the CC, Vel’Koz promises to be a headache for all who face him.

His Carry augment, Frostburn, lets his spell deal an extra 200% damage along 30 seconds, guaranteeing that any enemy hit will take huge amounts of damage if the fight can last that long.
His Support augment, Frozen Tundra, reduces the Attack Speed of all enemies at the start of the fight for 6 seconds.

Vel’Koz is basically a Zephyr that you don’t have to aim, a tool that we can look for and slam into our board whenever necessary. His overall power will be tied to how much damage he’s allowed to do through his ultimate, even though the CC alone might be a good enough reason to run him.

Aurelion Sol – AP Carry

  • Aurelion Sol calls down 3 meteors on random enemies that explode on impact. Each meteor deals Magic Damage and applies a burn for 10 seconds, dealing 10% of the target’s maximum Health as true damage and reducing incoming healing by 25%

You thought you could get rid of him by changing sets? Aurelion goes from being a celestial creature, to a dragon capable of summoning massive burning meteors, and I don’t know which one scares the the most. One of the most fun and visually pleasing AP carries I’ve seen in a while, Aurelion will surely end up being a lot of peoples favourite unit for this set.

His Carry augment, Extinction Event, grants him an AP bonus and makes his meteors bigger, letting him hit more people with them.
His Support augment, Velocity Impact, makes meteors stun enemies hit by them.

Aurelion is the definition of power, with an ability so flashy, we hope to see him on a full AP build, burning boards and filling them with craters. Even though his numbers are not the highest at the time I write this, he might be getting some buffs, otherwise, he might just end up as a supportive/secondary carry thanks to the healing reduction on his kit.

Bel’Veth – AD Carry

  • Bel’Veth dashes around her target and unleashes a flurry of attacks, each dealing Physical Damage.
  • Each time this is cast, Bel’Veth gains bonus Attack Speed for the rest of combat.

The Void Empress makes her day-view on TFT and comes ready to dominate her opponents. With scaling Attack Speed integrated into her kit, all she needs is a little bit of time to completely take over the board.

Her Carry augment, Back for Blood, gives her an Omnivamp bonus, that gets tripled when her HP is below 50%.
Her Support augment, Voidmother, spawns to ZZRot voidlings to her sides, giving her a little bit of extra frontline.

Bel’Veth looks really good as an Attack Speed melee carry. While it’s true that most melee carries suffer from being too exposed to crowd control, the extra attack speed from a Quicksilver will directly contribute to Bel’Veths damage. If we add a healing item and a Guinsoos to the mix, plus a solid supportive front line, Bel’Veth could be one of the best AD Carries in the game. We’ll have to wait and see how she pairs up and against other front line units.

Zac – Front Line Tank

  • Passive: Upon dying, split into 2 smaller Zac Blobs with a % of Zac’s maximum Health that taunt nearby enemies.
  • Spell: Zac bounces into the air and slams back down, dealing a % of his current Health as Magic Damage to nearby enemies and healing himself for % of his missing Health

Does your comp need a tank? Someone who’ll last no matter what? Preferably that comes equipped with copies of himself? Look no further than Zac! Really solid front line and useful for any comp who’s lacking a main tank.

His Carry augment, Supersize, grants him tons of bonus HP and makes him immune to crowd control. Basically giving him a Warmogs + Quicksilver.
His Support augment, Elastic Slingshot, is the most fun augment I’ve seen so far. At the start of combat, Zac slings his two nearest allies into the enemy back line, stunning enemies hit.

Zac has some really good max HP scaling, making his copies more durable and healing him for more HP, for this reason, items like Warmogs or Redemption are specially good on him. Probably one of the best units at buying time, we’ll see how Zac fairs against other tank options that have the benefit of having synergies.

Fiddlesticks – Burst AP

  • Passive: Fiddlesticks begins combat “asleep”. During this time, if any ally champions die, Fiddlesticks absorbs their souls, granting himself 15 AP. After going bellow 40% HP or after every other ally has died, Fiddlesticks “awakens”.
  • Spell: Fiddlesticks teleports into the largest cluster of enemies and fears them for a short period of time. For the next few seconds, Fiddle drains the life from nearby enemies dealing Magic Damage per second and healing himself for a % of the damage dealt.

Just the sight of this unit in the enemy back line should be enough to instill fear, even in most brave players. Knowing that he’s slowly but surely awaking after each and every single unit we manage to take down, and that it will inevitably end up in the middle of our units, draining their souls and dealing massive damage. Being one of the two legendary Threats, Fiddlesticks is definitely worth its weight in gold, and it’ll probably end up being one of the most sought after legendary units in the game.

His Carry augment, Traumatic Memories, gives Fiddlesticks extra HP for the rest of combat after an ally units dies.
His Support augment, Absolute Corruption, gives AP to his nearest ally at the start of combat and gives them the ability to drain souls (his Passive)

Fiddlesticks is one of the most interesting carries in this set. Given the fact that he beggins the fight asleep and that he only gets to interfere once the fight is almost over turns him into the teams last hope, and lots of fights will be determined by him. It’s for this reason that I think Fiddle will be either one of the stronger, or weakest units in the game, depending on if he’s able to carry the fight given the right augments and items.

Urgot – AD Utility

  • Passive: Urgots claws fire 5 shots per second, dealing Physical Damage.
  • Spell: Urgot summons a gigantic wave behind his enemies that moves towards him, dealing a % of their Maximum Health as Magic Damage . The wave’s force knocks enemies forward 1 hex and stuns them for a brief period of time. For each champion hit, he has a chance to dredge up treasure.

Another Legendary Threat, Urgot. Similar to Bel’Veth, he scales both with AD and Attack Speed, but with the added bonus that he’ll be dredging up treasure for us mid round! From what we managed to gather, at the time of writing, Treasure contains gold and components, but we’ll have to wait what Mortdog has in store for us.

His Carry augment, Shiny, gives his spell a 25% chance to give extra treasure.
His Support augment, Rising Tide, grants his team and himself AP and Attack Speed.

Urgot, just like other similar legendary units in the past that have an added bonus (Ornn, Tahm Kench, Bard) will have a lot more value if we manage to find him early into the game, since we’ll be able to dredge many more treasures. His auto attacks work in a very peculiar way, since he attacks a fixed amount of 5 times per second, it’s very viable to build raw AD on him to maximize damage output.

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