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The Jax Meta We Never Had

Back then on Patch 13.3, the CN mobile Game Fight for the Golden Spatula (FFGS) did not have the ‘Jax Bug’ resulting in a terrifying Jax meta with 2-5 Jax players per lobby all forcing and all going top 4.

They have spammed 2 Variants: one with Hacker and one with Aegis and Threats. The Aegis-Threat one is pretty intuitive so this guide will focus on the Hacker Variant.

Aegis Threat Jax:,S7,/1566/1

Jax without Mecha got heavily nerfed but to compensate we got buffs to Mecha Jax and resulting in it being 15% stronger with Mecha compared to our last Patch 13.3. After the nerfs Jax is more like a T1 comp rather than a T0 comp on FFGS.

The other change is the Hacker change. Now that the Hecarim is untargetable it is possible to use a tech that has been used on FFGS since the beginning of set 8: Backlining your entire board. This forces enemy boards to walk up at the start of the fight as they have no targets in their immediate range.

This is advantageous as even if a player clumps their board to defend against ‘hackered’ units, the units will declump as soon as the fight begins leaving their backline exposed again.

Unfortunately this bug is only fixed on ‘home’ (when the fight occurs on your board) boards which means that if you fight on ‘away’ (when jump to another board to fight) boards it will still be the same and you cannot pullout the enemy frontline. It is basically a coinflip and you are only as half as strong in 50% of these fights. As soon as this bug gets fixed this comp has the potential to become an S Tier comp.

Base Lineup of Hacker Jax


Bow >>> Rod > Belt = Chain = Cloak > Glove = Tear = Bf

RFC + Guinsoo’s Rageblade + 1 Quicksilver (QSS)/Healing

The best case Scenario would be Jax with QSS and any healing from Admin or Augments

You do not have to force Rageblade if you have relentless Aussault (Jax Carrys augment), but Rageblade is still BiS even with Relentless Aussault.


Protectors Vow + Tank Items


Statikk Shiv


Emblems for this comp aren’t great but here are a few options:

Brawler +1 is okay but kinda weird to play around to be honest from my experience.

I have yet to see it but a Hacker Emblem on Jax would give him 40%-70% Omnivamp which sounds quite strong in theory.

ADMIN Emblem is good as it let’s you drop Blitzcrank and even better if you have a strong ADMIN. The best ADMINs are AP or HP on-kill and teamwide buffs are generally all good with AS and AP. Here’s a full list of all the ADMIN effects.

Defender Emblem is good in AD heavy lobbies when you run 3 Defender with Riven, Sett, and Wukong.


Early Game:

You really want to force RFC and Rageblade on Jax so you might have to lose streak to guarantee bow from the carousel if you’re looking force this comp. Hold unit for this comp and look for them on 3-2; try to save as much HP as possible and focus on your econ. You may also winstreak if you are sure that you can get RFC and Rageblade throughout the game.

Usually you should do a lvl 6 rolldown on 3-2 to stabilize. If you dont have your synergies together for your 3-2 Hero Augment it is also fine to do the rolldown on 3-1. You’re looking for 4 Brawlers + 3 Mech. You have to roll for at least 1 Jax and keep rolling if you are close to Jax 2. It makes it much easier if you can get a Jax Augment. The games i went 7th or 8th were games i only hit 1 Jax even though I rolled down to like 10g so this comp is definitely easier to play if you can find Jax early on.

Mid Game:

Stage 4-1: You should be lvl 7 with Jax 2 by now or else you will be taking a lot of damage during Stage 4. Your lvl 7 add can be an ADMIN if its good or just any filler unit. If you feel that you need Hacker to win the matchups, you can cut down to 3 Brawler. Sejuani is probably better than Blitzcrank most of the time unless you feel like Admin is necessary right now. Lvl 7 during Stage 4 with Jax 2 holding 3 Items should be stable enough to econ back up to go level 8.

You can roll for Jax 3 on level 7 if you have around 6-8 Jax’s but you should go level 8 most of the time instead. If you are stable enough and have enough HP you do not have to go under 30 gold to level to 8 on 4-5. It is better to go level 8 on 5-1 and roll for Jax 3 from there.

Late Game:

On 5-1 you can complete your base board. You should be looking for Jax 3 and Riven 3. Riven 3 is not so necessary but does function as a good tank. If you do 3* Riven or know you’re going to hit, put tank items on her rather than Sejuani.

If you find Fiddlesticks it is often better to run him and cut down to 2 Brawlers for it. I would even run multiple Fiddlesticks if possible. Your level 9 ist just a Fiddlesticks or any good filler unit that you can find.

In many games i have reviewed from FFGS they have only used Hacker in Stage 6 to cheese a player kill for the last fights


S: Second Wind, Thrill, Jeweled, Ascension, Battle Mage, Scoped Weapons

A: Portable Forge, New Recruit

B: Pandoras Items, Consistency, AFK, Metabolic Accelerator

Hero Augments

S: Jax (C)

A: Sejuani (C), Sejuani (S)

B: Jax (S), Riven (S), Riven (C), Zoe (S), Kayle (S)

C: Vi (S), Lee Sin (S), Sett (S), Leona (S), Blitzcrank (S), Renekton (S)


The positioning is the heart of the comp and is the main reason for it’s success. Now it is possible to pull out the enemy frontline if you backline your entire frontline so your Jax can kill the isolated backline. This even works if your enemy fully clumps together which is usually the counter to old hacker comps.

The only units you have to move are Seju and Jax. Your Seju should obviously be on the same side as the enemy team.
You can move your Jax to the same side as the enemy boad, but it is significantly worse if you fail because Jax might go to the enemy frontline instead of going to the opposite side with the enemy carry. It will always be okay if you just stay in the middle.
Keep in mind that Hacker lets your Jax focus the Backline and ignore any 3rd row units.

The Hackered Unit will always be ported onto the opposite side from the Hecarim. So make sure you hacker Jax to a free spot in the backline, otherwise he will land in the 3rd row instead of the 4th row, which makes him more likely to attack the enemy frontline.

If the Hecarim horse ties between two tiles, it will choose the more left one from.


Jax has some really good match ups especially with Hacker.

Jax has always been one of the biggest Yuumi counters; he outscales the Yuumi Nilah comp with Rageblade due to the length of these fights as well as his sheer tankiness prevents him from being oneshot.

If you can focus down the carry with Hacker you can almost win every fight against those heavy frontline comps like (Recon, Zoe, Leblanc, Taliyah, Aphelios)
-> the Hacker positioning declumps and you can always focus down the carry if you fight on your home board

You will need QSS in many match ups especially against Urgot Fiddles
Syndra is probably the most annoying unit since she can stun Jax through his QSS due to a bug.

Quick Overview of the FFGS Meta Compared to ours:

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to record any gameplay of me playing this comp but here is a VOD of a JSL tourney from FFGS (2023-02-26)

There are some more comps I have not been seeing a lot on the western servers.

I already mentioned it in the previous CN Wukong guide but they love the full backline your frontline tech with any Hacker Comp especially with AP comps like Leblanc and 3rd Row Annie which is getting played in every lobby by at least 1-2 People.

I have seen plenty Malphite guides with his carry augment Rock Solid; it is also supposed to be the best Yuumi, Nilah Variant, but can also be played with Gadgeteens or vertical Mascots.

There are some Supers Sivir Reroll one tricks out there who top 4 consistently.

A chinese Poppy, Lulu, Annie Reroll Guide

Have in mind that FFGS is a different game and might have some differences just like the Jax bug we had but they did not.
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