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Scores are: 4,2,4,1,4,1,2,2,4,2,2 so far -> Average 2.54 

Origin of the Comp:

This comp is actually not a new comp and has been played on the Chinese mobile servers for weeks but apparently in this Patch (13.1b) this comp works better than before. It was played on the JSL (a Chinese mobile tourney similar to TOC) a lot and I honestly haven’t seen this comp anywhere else yet, not even on the Chinese Live Servers.  I am pretty sure it is because Hacker works very differently on the Chinese mobile Server so this Comp performs a lot better there.

Hacker is extremely bugged on our server including the units targeting after it spawns. There are many really really popular and good hacker comps on mobile China that we cannot play (or aren’t as good as on our Server).

Differences between their Hacker trait/comps and ours:

  • Many of them are based off 3rd rowing your Solo Frontline so your enemy units walk up.
  • Their targeting seems not as bugged
  • For them – They don’t target the Hecarim horse and their units will focus your frontline
  • For us – They focus the Hecarim horse and follow the Leblanc into the backline and then focus your frontline

Some CN Hacker Comps: 

3rd Row Annie + Leblanc
  • This comp is a S Tier comp on the chinese mobile Server 
  • The guide is made by 小涵神 who is also mentioned in my previous Nilah guide
  • Rank 1 chinese mobile 鱼七(Yuqi) plays this comp a lot
Hacker Jax
  • During the Jax meta this Hacker Jax comp was one of the strongest comps in the game
Hacker Draven

Sadly i cannot find the Guide to it anymore but it looked like this: 

The moment they will fix Hacker, these Comps might become viable. Even Mortdog says, FFGS (Chinese mobile) has the better hacker as seen in this clip:

Source for the Hacker Comps:

Base Lineup of the Wukong Comp: 

Wukong is an insane solo tank and with sustain Items really hard to kill, while he takes care of the enemy frontline, Lulu/Leblanc can kill the backline with Hacker


Cloak > Tear > Chain > BF Sword > Bow > Belt > Rod > Glove

Wukong BIS: (Titan, DragonClaw, Redemption)

Alternatives are (BT, Gargoyle, Bramble, Spark, Warmog, JG, Sunfire)

Wukong has high base health due to Mech and a lot of resistances due to his ability granting him 100 resistances for each unit hit:

So since you already have resistances and health…

  • You want a lot of healing on him, Titan’s might be an exception as it also grants damage
    • BT, Bramble and Gargoyle are probably the better alternatives:
  • BT is obvious why it’s good especially combined with Titan’s.
  • Bramble also gives less damage from crits
  • Gargoyle gives resistances for the short window when his ability is down as it only lasts for 3 sec

Dragonclaw is the item that lets you streak in Stage 3,4 so you should focus on this one first

Lulu/Leblanc: Blue/Shojin + Damage (JG, Rabadon, Archangle, GS, Guardbreaker, HoJ)

Shojin is better than Bluebuff on Lulu, because she doesn’t casts mid-air during the Hecarim port and hits the frontline (same for BlueBuff Leblanc + starting mana from Admin)

There are 2 really good portable forge items (Anime Visage, Deaths Defiance):

  • there is a 53% chance that you get one of offered them at least

Other Items:

  • Statikk on Leblanc/Zoe/Lulu
  • Sunfire, Spark, TG on Poppy
  • 4/6 Defender 3* naked Poppy does a lot of damage as well (especially with TG + Jeweled Lotus)
  • Emblems:
    • Heart/Admin on Zoe/Leblanc
    • Mech crest is by far the best emblem. You can Mech your Poppy 3 that gives a ton of HP and doesn’t walk up and mess up the Wukong ult


S: Ascension, Highroller, GoldenTicket (can also make Leblanc 3), Portable Forge (Anima Visage, Deaths Defiance), AFK, Consistency, Jeweled Lotus, Mech Crest

A: CB, Thrill, Second Wind, Hustler

B: First Aid, Exile, Prep, Hacker+1, Last Stand,

Hero Augements

S+: Wukong(C), Lulu(S), Lulu(C)

S: Jax(S), Draven(S), Zoe(S), Leblanc(C), Poppy(C), Poppy(S)

(S): Support Augment

(C): Carry Augment 


Early Game:

You want to start with any Wukong that has a good item on the first carousel otherwise start with Cloak or Tear. Wukong with cloak is the best unit to take on the first carousel. This is a typical loss streak comp with a huge rolldown on 3-1 for your 1 costs. I personally force this comp only when i have at least 1-2 Wukongs by 2-1. You should always focus on Wukong items first on the Stage 2 Carousel as he is your first carry. You should ideally full streak into neutrals to max out your gold, but pick up all Wukongs, Poppys and Lulus, it is not worth selling them to beat another fully open player. With Wukong 2 and Lulu 2*  it is also possible to win 2-3 Rounds.

Stage 3-1:

You ALWAYS rolldown to at least 20g if not 0g. From there you can eco up again and roldlown on 3-5 and 4-1 again depending on how many Wukongs you have. (Literally every single chinese player rolls like this for this comp)

Maybe it is because china mobile tempo is really high, some people rolldown on lvl 6 3-1 for example, just adjust on your hp an lobby.

Wukong is the main carry in this comp, Poppy and Lulu are not as important and can be skipped since Lulu as a carry can be replaced by LeBlanc if she’s not 3*.

Mid Game:

Once your Wukong is 3* start pushing levels to add in Zoe on 6 and Leblanc on 7. It is insane how stable Mech Wukong 3 with good Items is. You should prioritize Dragonclaw as your first item, the healing + 3* Wukong, is mostly the reason why you Winstreak through Stage 3 and 4

You don’t have to rush 3 Items on both carry’s since you will get useful Gadgeteen items most of the time:

 For Wukong – (BT, HoJ, Spark, Sunfire, Warmog, GS)

 Lulu/Leblanc – (Shojin, GS, HoJ, RFC)

I would rather put Items like HoJ or GS on Wukong instead of Lulu if they are both not fully itemized. Focus on sniping the enemy backline carry with Hacker

Late Game:

Level 8 and 9 is really flex it can be:

  • (Riven for 2 Brawler + 4 Defender (Jax,Sett)) 
  • (Soraka for Admin + Heart) 
  • (Sona Spellslinger + Heart) 
  • (Janna for Spellslinger + good Weather)
  • (Ekko for Prankster + Aegis (Leona, Zoe))
  • (Urgots and Fiddles)
  • Or you pivot out of this comp to get a high capped level 9 board with full legendary or 4 Ace with Lulu Items on Miss Fortune


Against some solo tank matchups (for example solo tank Blitzcrank/Annie frontline) you can hacker your Wukong

For Leona Matchups there are 3 things you can do:

  1. Hacker your Wukong 
  2. Bait Leona ult with Poppy or someone else
  3. If its a weak Leona you can focus her down with placing your damage dealers right in front of her 

Zephyr on Wukong is one of the best counters against this comp so watch out for that.

In China they 3rd row the Wukong a lot so they can pull the enemy units out but i am not very sure if it works for us as mentioned above.

Do NOT put Lulu in those two corners! Enemy units can easily wrap around the Wukong and focus down the Lulu

How does Hacker work? (tbh no one really knows)

Hacker is pretty unpredictable but i can share some of my observations.

  • Defender/ZZRot taunt into -> target random unit in the backline 
  • Sometimes it focuses opposite corner
  • They focus backline before frontline after the Port
  • Leblanc with RFC also ults the opposite corner most of the time

so instead of focusing the left ashe, she will focus the right ashe

  • So you can cheese RFC right before the fight:
  • If you are on the right side, dont put RFC on leblanc
  • If you are on the wrong side, you can adjust your focus with RFC

  You will cast mid-air with full mana start (you do not want that).

  – 3rd row Wukong to pull out units:

enemy units will focus ur Hecarim and then go to your frontline

– Hacker Leblanc… i don’t even want to start talking about this:

Leblanc without Spellslinger is actually better, so it doesn’t mess up her ult

A lot of times, the hacker unit tends to focus the unit on the more inner side of the map, even if Samira is the closest unit. a zephyr often helps to adjust the focus


The worst possible matchups are probably the ap flex Comp with Taliyah, Leblanc, Sona, Zoe etc. I cannot really tell why exactly, but it might be because of clumping backline and difficult to focus the right carries and a really tanky solo Annie, so Wukong cannot build up resistances and everything depends on the backline lulu, which gets hit by AOE as well. This might actually be the reason why this comp was really bad the last patches, since those ap comps are played less nowadays.

Easy Matchups are mostly matchups that clump everything in the front like Duelists, Lasercorps, Viego Comps (still watch out for Leona).

Next Patch?

believing the PBE notes, this Comp will get huge buffs next patch


The Gadgeteen buff will not be shiftet on to live server yet. Also Dragonclaw and Wukong get nerfed slightly


JSL Tourney VODS:

These JSL Tourney VOD is from 2023-01-07 19:02:27 as a proof that they have been playing this comp for several weeks in in tourneys:

Some examples of chinese Wukong players:

I basically picked the first 3 People on the ladder with Wukongs in their history. On chinese mobile, it is possible to watch the replays of their games and you can also go through the Stages slowly and see what they did at what stage:


he rolled down from 60g to 17g 3-1, rolled again on 3-5 hit Wukong 3

(1576lp) Minaj

game 1:

2 Wukongs and 1 lulu by 2-1

3-1 rolled from 50g to 27g

slow rolled to 30g the entire stage

4-1 rolled from 55g to 14g and hit wukong 3 lulu 3 (34HP)

he was pretty stable afterwards but died in 5-5

Items: Tear start

Bluebuff > JG > GS > Redemption > Bramble > Redemption

game 2:

2* Wukong 2* Lulu 1 Poppy by 2-1

3-1 rolled from 52g to 16g

rolled the entire stage 3 down to 0 (61HP)

hit wukong 3 on 3-2

hit lulu 3 on 3-3

he did not lose a single fight from 3-1 until 6-1

Items: Chain start

Bluebuff > Bramble > Spark > JG > GS > DClaw

game 3:

2-1 2* Wukong 1 Poppy

3-1 rolled from 52g to 16g

hits all 3* on 3-2 (83HP)

Items: Belt start

Redemption > DClaw > EternalWinter > Bluebuff JG

To reason the Bluebuff on Lulu: On chinese mobile, Lulu does not cast mid-air during the heca (bluebuff on our lulu is terrible as she ults the frontline with her first ult on loses the bluebuff mana)


This game does not load and i sadly cannot watch his replay, but he went 3rd with really suboptimal items

Meta on mobile right now:

By the way, going through the top 50 Match histories 

i saw around 50% Lasercorps

30% 4 Ace

and 20% everything else

There are A LOT of Lasercorps onetricks out there

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