#03. Jade Shi Oh Yu

The core of this comp are the 6 core Jade units: SOY, Neeko, Gnar and Anivia.
Any other units can be flexed in accordingly to counter your lobby but safe choice is usually Lulu+ Bard + Talon for the +8 AD to your entire team and the Mystic bonus during this AP heavy meta.
Its a really good comp that could counter mages and assasins
the usualy jade openner with anivia as ur main carry with someone that can use the shi oh yu items (exp : Sett with dragonmacer , attrox , yone , syfin if ypu hit her early)

Prioritize SOY items (Healing + Damage + Flex) ex. BT + TR + GS EON
Neeko items (Tank)
Anivia (AP)