#07. Scalescorn

A full team effort, this comp draws power from each of it's Scalescorn units to do their part.
Braum can solo-tank for a full fight while Olaf + Lilia carries the DPS with either AD or AP items. Diana also plays a pivotal role with her back line access providing anti-heal/AS slow and occasional just taking out their carry.
Note : if you have a scale score embelm then yasuo , pyke , talon are the best users
if you have 2 scale score then its worth to try and go for six

Direct damage items such as Ionic Spark and Runaan's Hurricane are very strong in this comp due to how they interact with the Scalescorn Trait.

Olaf: RH + Healing + Damage
Diana: Ionic + FH + Flex (TR, Sunfire, Damage)
Lilia: AA + Healing
Assasin variation :