#10. Shimmerscale

Corki variation:
Alot of things you need to keep in mind when playing shimmerscale:
1. Knowing what the first shimmerscale item is very important.
2. Having a viable carry that can use the correct items early game.

3. Swain for example can use 3 of the shimmer items fairly ok (Gambler's Blade,Goldmancer's Staff,Draven's Axe).
4. Deciding when to econ and when to roll, so ask yourself after scouting is my board stable ?
5. Picking up ur gold during fights will make your units holding most shimmer items stronger.
6. Which unit should I give crown to ? sometimes its zoe , sometimes yasuo with dimond hand , sometimes its even kayn if he jumps on the carry so make sure to put some shimmer scale items last during the start of the fight.
7. If the first shimmerscale item is Big Gem its usually worth to skip 3 shimmer and play strongest board and then jump to 5 if you can.
8. If your close to a good 3 star sometimes its better to go for it than leveling to 9.