Heartbroken – Broken Heart Spat Interactions

What is the Heart Trait?

When Heart units cast their Ability, your team gains stacking Ability Power for the rest of combat.

  • (2) +4 Ability Power
  • (4) +7 Ability Power
  • (6) +10 Ability Power

The trait is most comparable to the in-game item: Archangel’s Staff or AA. AA gives flat AP every 5 seconds during a fight. With AA you get AP over time, like heart, but there is a restricting factor with the item: time. With the heart trait the only restricting factor is the number of casts or mana regeneration. Although, this factor is not restricting at all considering how many items, augments, and traits we can use to get more casts or boost our teams mana regeneration. In this article I am going to go over every unit that can utilize the heart trait, through a spat, to either become a formidable carry or an AP generating machine to turn unconventional units into hyper carries.

Let’s take a look at the Heart units to see what we can learn…

UnitMana PoolBest ItemScales Best With
Yuumi50Blue Buff/Sojin/RFCAP
Sona40Blue BuffAP
Soraka40Blue BuffAP

The average mana pool for a heart unit is 70 mana and if you exclude Syndra then the average mana pool for a heart unit is 52 mana! An average of 52 mana is extremely low based on normal TFT standards. This makes sense considering all of the power from their trait depends on how fast and how often they can cast. Another thing to note is that Bluebuff and Sojin are among the best items to put on a heart unit. Again, this just makes sense considering Bluebuff and Sojin are items that help units cast/regenerate mana.

Now, let’s use this information and try to take advantage of the heart trait by placing it on another unit…

Best Heart Spat Holders

  • Belveth
  • Ezreal
  • Gangplank
  • Kai’Sa (Star Guardian)
  • Leblanc (ADMIN)
  • Vayne
  • Zed
  • Zoe


This unit is perfect for an AP battery. With a mana pool of only 30 and built in stacking AS, items like Bluebuff, Bloodthirster, and Heart spat would ensure a team with either 4-6 hearts is getting to overtime with AP upwards of 200+. 


This unit was a consideration for heart spat because of the low mana pool of only 55. Although, 55 isn’t low enough to make Bluebuff or Sojin an efficient item compared to some other units in this list. Ezreal would not be the best battery and would not be the best carry considering how many items you would need on top of Heart spat to see astounding DPS numbers.


With a mana pool of only 40, GP was a must include in this list. Sadly, because of his traits and value as a unit, GP happens to fall flat with the hindrance of his survivability in the mid to late game. Good item holder.


Kaisa has a mana pool of 60. Based on the evaluation of Ezreal you might think Kaisa is strictly worse, therefore not strong with the Heart spat, but there is one major difference between the two: Kaisa is a Star Guardian. Not only that, but there are two other star guardians with the Heart trait: Yuumi and Syndra. Star Guardian is a major upside because the trait allows for more ways to generate mana. With a team of 7 Star Guardians active, Kaisa only takes 3 autos to cast. Imagine a team of 7 Star Guardians and 4 Hearts (Heart spat on Kaisa). Kaisa gains 22 mana per auto (10 + (10 x 1.20)) from 7 Star Guardian and has built in stacking AS. This Kaisa is a fantastic AP battery and doubles as a carry with the proper items. 


Leblanc is in a similar spot with Kaisa: 60 mana pool, but with a trait that can generate mana. In this case Leblanc is an Admin. Admin is a trait that changes every game and can be tailored as the game progresses. Some potential mana generating Admin options include: At the start of combat your Admins gain 50 mana, Every 5 seconds your Admins gain 30 mana, On ally death your Admins gain 30 mana. Leblanc being an Admin also pairs perfectly with Soraka, a 4 cost AP carry with the Admin and Heart traits. The only thing holding Leblanc back from being an AP battery is her long cast time. Potential to use Heart spat paired with a mana generating Admin to make Leblanc a carry still stands. 


This unit has a mana pool of 40. Outside of having a low mana pool there isn’t much else going for Vayne when trying to utilize Heart spat. Vayne scales with AD so there is no point carrying her. Upside is that Vayne has essentially no down time while casting, so making her a battery would be your best bet, good luck figuring out a comp that makes sense to include Heart Vayne.


This unit has a mana pool of 40. There is one major issue with this unit, he gets mana locked after casting. Theorycrafting potential lost.


This is what we have been waiting for. By far the best unit with Heart spat in the game. Zoe is not only the best AP battery with Heart spat, but also the best carry with it as well. Zoe has a mana pool of 30, Zoe also has 3 traits that all benefit her defensively. Gadgeteen has the potential to give your team extra frontline or utility to make the fight last longer or give you some sort of an edge. Hacker gives Zoe omnivamp, allowing her to not need to build a healing item in some spots. Prankster acts like a Zzrot portal and an Edge of night all in one, the ultimate trait for survivability. Give Zoe a Bluebuff and a Heart spat and the world is at your fingertips. If you have extra AP items to carry someone else then consider giving Zoe a Hextech Gunblade for sustainability/support or a Morellonomicon for utility/support making her the ultimate AP battery. If you are in a spot where you want to carry Zoe (i.e. Zoe hero augment or you are rerolling) then consider Jeweled Gauntlet on top of Bluebuff and Heart Spat. When carrying Zoe you need to make use of her Hacker and Prankster traits to give her the best chance of surviving until overtime, at which point your Zoe’s AP can start getting into the 500, 600, or even 700+ range.

Team Comps

Kai’Sa Battery

Belveth Battery

LeBlanc Carry (Need Specific Admin)

Zoe Battery

Zoe Carry


Heart spat is on the more transformative side of spats, when compared to other craftable spats in this set. Building around the Heart trait can open up some really creative builds. Do you want more Heart units in for more AP or do you want more frontline to ensure that your heart units last longer to provide more AP?

Thanks for reading, are there any comps with Heart spat that you think could work? Do you have the next OP build? Let us know down below.

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  1. I’ve found a lot of success with Zoe Carry, and the guide helped me fix what I was missing. Question, do you use Hackerrim on Zoe in this comp? It seems quite good whether you cap out with Morello or JG, but maybe the AoE omnivamp from Morello is better?

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