LASER QUEST – Trying to Understand the Value of Lasercorps

In this case study I want to run some numbers in various scenarios with the intention of understanding the value of Lasercorps to make more optimized decisions in-game. I want to definitively answer several questions by the end of the analysis:

  • How the variable of AS affects the trait
  • It’s average provided damage at (3), (6) and (9)
  • Good users (if any) for the Lasercorps spat
  • Whether it’s better on a tank or carry
  • If a Lasercorps Emblem can substitute for an actual item

Some Important FAQ + Sources:

  • Do Laser get omnivamp for their unit?
    • Yes… I originally thought this was not so but this clip by Owlvado clearly shows Yasuo healing up from his lasers:
    • This could just be a isolated scenario with Yasuo and his carry augment but I am 90% sure this is classified as a bug and unintended behaviour. Direct damage tends not to function with augments and item such as ‘spellslinger orbs’ or the ‘Electroshock’ augment.
  • Is the drone damage shown pre-mitigated damage?
  • Do drones fire independently or do they procc at the same time?
    • Yes, after watching footage one of the things that I noticed was the drone’s fired at different times. Meaning they each had their own proc chance and cooldowns. This can be quite beneficial when all the drones end up on the last unit.
  • Does Lasercorps damage gets affected by amplifier’s like Super’s?
    • The answer is not 100% definite but it seems very likely that they do from another clip by Souless:
    • It’s simply not reasonable for (3) Laser to do that much damage (post-mitigated as well) without such amplifiers.
    • By this logic Renegades would also increase laser damage… what else would affect it?

Refresher on LaserCorps Trait:

When a LaserCorp agent attacks or is hit by an attack, their combat drone has a 50% chance to deal magic damage to the agent’s target (0.50 second cooldown). When a LaserCorp agent dies, their drone is reassigned to the nearest living agent.
Drone lasers deal:
(3) 60 magic damage
(6) 150 magic damage
(9) 150 magic damage, and each agent gets a 2nd drone

Max Damage

First I want to see the highest potential ‘max drone damage’ for better understanding and 2 important reasons: 1. it helps us get a better idea of it’s value when we know it’s limits, and 2. Genuine curiosity.

No matter how high your attack speed is your drone damage will be capped out at 2 procs per second due to the .5 second cool down. Even if a unit attacked 5 times per second (5.00 is the max. AS possible) they would only proc it 2x a second. To get to this level of damage a unit would have to have an attack speed of at least 2.00 (2 attacks per second) and have it proc every possible time. Any attack speed higher than this would only increase the opportunities of ‘proccing’ and not the actual damage output. ex. If an attack fails to proc the laser it would have to wait less time for the next auto for another chance with higher attack speed.

This means at (3) Laser you would hypothetically be doing 120 magic damage per second (60 magic damage x 2). Over 10 seconds that would be 1200 damage for each unit if Mortdog blessed you with 100% Laser luck. Now to better emulate a more realistic scenario we can divide this number by 2 to better simulate the 50% odds.

So a (3) Lasercorps unit with 2.00 AS would be doing on average 60 damage per second and 600 damage over 10 seconds.

Laser Damage

Laser DPS over 10 seconds for a 2.00+ AS unit:

Laser (3) : does 600 drone damage per unit – Max damage being 1200 per unit

Laser (6) : does 1500 drone damage per unit – Max damage being 3000 per unit

Laser (9) : Here I’m going to just calculate 2 drones as 150 x 2 for 3000 drone damage per unit – Max damage being 6000 per unit

Let’s talk about the other side of the coin; the lasers that are generated from taking damage instead. It’s going to be a nightmare to accurately simulate this as we have no control over this factor and so we’re going to have to the max again like before. After looking through a multitude of VODs (Videos on Demand) this is pretty accurate to the amount of time a frontline tank will be attacked; the only issue being often the attacks will happen close to one another resulting in a lot of laser procing opportunities to be lost during cool down periods. Nevertheless if we were to simulate this in a vacuum with the unit taking 2 attacks per second it would result in the same max damage as above as it’s limited by the same cooldown.

Now those numbers are for units in their optimal settings with 2.00 attack speed and without interruptions. What are the actual projected attack speeds of the LaserCorp units over 10 seconds?

Ashe: 0.7 AS | 7 x 60 = 420 / 2 = 210 dmg

Yasuo: 0.75 AS | 7.5 x 60 = 450 / 2 = 225 dmg

Senna: 0.7 AS | 7 x 60 = 420 / 2 = 210 dmg

Zed: 0.85 AS | 8.5 x 60 = 510 / 2 = 255 dmg

For units like Zed and Yasuo who are technically front line units I would look to them as proccing drones a lot more than this. This goes double for the actual front line units as they pretty much have the highest chances of proccing already.

(Renekton: 0.65 AS, Sejuani: 0.55 AS, Mordekaiser: 0.7 AS)

Total Mean Average of 0.707857 (0.7 AS)

Mean Average of Opener units (Ashe, Renekton, Yasuo): 0.7 AS

As you know there are tons of variables that make it hard to discern the true value of Lasercorps including getting stunned, laser luck, units dying early and transferring drones, length of combat, which units are getting targeted first, augments and items. Even so I myself found it helpful to at least get a rough estimate of some of the numbers.

With this knowledge, already a lot of our questions have been answered:

  • How the variable of AS affects the trait We know that AS heavily influences damage for backline units up until 2.00 AS where it’s value does somewhat drop off but remains relevant.
  • It’s average provided damage at (3), (6) and (9) 600, 1500 and 3000 respectively for a 2.00 AS unit; we will be going over more standard calculations below
  • Good users (if any) for the Lasercorps spat?
  • Whether it’s better on a tank or carry with very little units hitting the 2.00 AS mark it seems tanks are just more reliable sources of Laser damage as they reach the max threshold much more often.
  • If a Lasercorps Emblem can substitute for an actual item We’ll get into more detail below:

If a 2.00 AS Lasercorp unit can only output an average of 600/1500/3000 damage over 10 seconds in optimal conditions is that even worth the emblem taking up an entire item slot? Even with this rough evaluation it’s pretty clear to me that no, it’s almost never worth taking up an item slot. To expand this thought a bit let’s look over some potential emblem holders and really theorycraft.

LaserCorp Emblem:

Laser Urgot

This is the unit that I always hear pop up first when people ask who the Laser emblem is good on and I wondered if that’s true. My hypothesis was that Urgot was a poor user for it as his AS was locked due to his passive. Although a base 1.00 AS is nothing to scoff at; any unit can reach that level and surpass it quite quickly with items and traits. My understanding is that players got baited by the “5 attacks per second” passive and but didn’t realize that Urgot was coded NOT to proc anything with his passive. For instance Runaan’s Hurricane will still only proc ONCE per ‘true’ auto and not 5 times per ‘true’ auto. It would be logical for LaserCorps to follow the same rules and so to be sure I rewatched this video over and over until I confirmed the truth:

I specifically watched at 2:36 and stared at Urgot to see if he would shoot laser more than ONCE per seconds. Why? Because the only way Urgot can proc a laser is when he autos or takes damage and because his AS is locked to 1.00 he cannot have two lasers firing one after another in under a second because that would imply that the lasers DO proc 5x per second (nerd).

To confirm for yourself you can check the same clip I did and see that Urgot takes no damage besides Sunfire Board (which does not proc Laser by the way) and steadily shoots a laser only once per second. Again Urgot does NOT have any special interaction with Lasercoprs besides having an abnormal base AS.

Laser Jax

Now Jax is a unit I actually think might fare the best as it seems he was meant to carry the emblem. He is an AS based carry that is a brawler and has complementing synergies with LaserCorps. His tankyness also helps him get procs off both his attacks and body procs allowing to close out fights with 3 drones to assist him. The strategy would be to make sure Sejuani and Renekton die first so he could maximize his DPS. The one situation I could see this being relevant is if you got or had to take LaserCorps emblem you could effectively use it as a 3rd pseudo item for Jax to allow your items to go on Soraka and Sejuani. Using the 6 LaserCorps numbers we can roughly simulate his drone damage by taking that and extending it to 30 seconds as Jax fights tend to last pretty long.

So it would be 1500 x 3 = 4500 average laser damage per fight and max. 3000 x 3 = 9000 damage per fight if he procced every time.

Even so I would much rather have a 3rd real item on him as again this pure napkin math in a hypothetical scenario; although I do think Jax is still the best user.


With that I think we can cross off the last question on the list; if there are any viable users of the Lasercorps spat it would really only be Jax.

There are so many factors and variables to consider that it makes calculations very rough and to be taken into a lot of context. I needed to calculate several hypotheticals and watch several hours of footage/do testing in PBE and still there are still some simple questions I could not give perfect answers to. Honestly this became one of my toughest projects yet and although I genuinely learned a ton about Lasercorps techs and strategies there are some answers that only Mortdog would know.

What have your experiences with the Laser trait been like and has your opinion at all changed? I think if anything I just learned how to abuse Lasercorps in the right situations and reconfirmed that Lasercorps Emblem/Crown should never be taken but let me know your thoughts below.


21 year old Korean-Canadian with a love for creating and teaching. You can often catch me trying to min.max a game or theory craft my own version of whatever I am obsessed with at that particular moment. My current passion is often TFT as I head the Windfall Tactics TFT server where the mission is to help others improve at the game. If you have any questions or comments for me or anything I do feel free to contact me on Discord or through Email!


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  1. Great post! I personally like Lasers for its unique effect and the fact that your units dying doesn’t necessarily decrease your damage by a lot (e.g. Hearts not stacking when dead).
    Especially in 6 Lasers it’s really fun to see Ashe kill half a board with six drones dealing extra damage.
    As you mentioned: The drones firing independently is pretty huge since it allows a more consistent damage output (especially considering Ox Force, Fiddle, Prankster and EoN being available as immunity/aggro drop).
    The emblem seems pretty weak as a prismatic augment, but changing it to gold might make Laser 9 too easy to hit. I would say it’s a decent filler item for a secondary carry or a situation where you didn’t get the chance to put items on your frontline. Altogether it will probably mostly be used to go 6/9 Lasers vertical. Feels a little bit like Duelists, where Heart is actually better than Crest, since you don’t have to level to 8 (or in 9 for Lasers) to hit your chase trait, though you will still need an emblem in this case.
    Do you know whether the drones have the same cooldown in overtime? I would assume they do, but maybe you noticed a difference.

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