Loaded Dice Strategies 13.1


1 – Costs

  • Lux, Galio and Wukong are almost always guaranteed within 2-3 dice. Consider planning ahead on what to use your third dice for. For Galio using it at level 6 for Sivir is highly recommended.
  • Lulu is okay for Lulu Reroll but it is often better to just dice Galio instead for better value due to her traits (you will often get a bunch of uneeded Gadgeteen units while Galio is guaranteed plus it gives other needed mascot units).
  • Blitz does not have the best odds but makes up for rolling Renekton’s as well which can be helpful in situations.
  • Ashe is best for Ashe Reroll
  • Kayle/GP do not give the best odds but they do roll for both and other Duelists allowing you to hit the 4 Duelist benchmark sooner and allowing for flexible reroll lines.
  • Dicing Talon is very strong this patch (13.1) as it gives odds for both Sylas and Talon which can be played without their respective Hero Augments
  • Nasus is awkward as while it provides decent odds for himself as well as other mascots you don’t really want Nasus 3* unless you’re playing Stacks on Stacks and you can’t get that if you took High Roller. You would bank onr playing for Yummi

2 – Costs

  • Jinx, Draven, Sivir and Camille all have very good odds and all lead to powerful reroll comps except Jinx at the moment.

3 – Costs

  • Senna can be found at lvl. 6 for 1.5 and at lvl. 7 and 8 for 1.75.
  • Zoe is found using Nunu but with a trade off of lesser odds (0.88) you can dice Zoe to allow for Leblanc odds as well. This is relevant as Zoe very often has a 3* Leblanc as a primary or secondary carry.
  • Alternatively you can dice Camille on level 7 for 1.75 odds for just Leblanc and a chance at Soraka.
  • Jax has solid odds at level 7 but Brawler Jax is a comp where combat augments take precedence so it might not be the best line to take. Maybe if Mecha Jax becomes the meta.
  • Alistair is interesting as it has great odds at both 7 (2.06) and 8 (2.33). This is due to there being no 4-cost mascots and him being the only 3-cost one. Dicing on level 8 seems better when you are attempting Alistair carry but level 7 sounds better to pair him with another 3-cost backliner like Sona, Leblanc or Senna.

4 – Costs

  • Samira and Zed have slightly better than average odds with 1.3 but you do need to hold an Ezreal and GP on your bench.
  • Sett, Soraka and Veigo are good to remember as they just need to dice themselves.
  • Taliyah is unique as she requires a Janna to dice which is a little backwards.
  • Miss Fortune needs a Nasus held on bench so keep that in mind if going for a 3*.


  • I think most people know how Threats work by now. Use your dice at 4 as it’s the only level where you have 3-cost odds but no 4-cost odds.

Units with Bad Odds:

This is for common Reroll Comps as well as Valuable Units

Ekko8Jinx0.650.63 if you use it on himself
Malphite/Lee Sin6Malphite/Lee Sin0.5

Ending Thoughts:

  • Only the guaranteed 1 – Costs are significant enough to memorize
  • All the 2 – Cost Rerolls are super easy and important to remember
  • Just having some of the 4 – Costs odds off the top of your head can be helpful
  • Everything else I think is too niche to be worth committing to memory. If anything you can just have this page open when taking Higher Roller.


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