Patch 13.3 Rundown | Best TFT Comps Set 8 – Flex Comps

In this article we cover all of the most common comps along with their execution, sample boards, and their best items and augments. Then we'll break down some of the best hero augments and how to play them and a good strategy to consistently climb this patch.



Patch 13.3 has changed the meta quite a lot as the introduction of 4 hero augment rerolls has shifted the viability of many comps and many units, traits, and augments received balance changes. In this article we’ll first cover all of the most common comps on this patch along with their execution, sample boards, and their best items and augments. Then we’ll break down some of the best hero augments and how to play them and at the end I’ll be revealing a good strategy to consistently climb this patch.

S Tier

Belveth Flex

Belveth is the easiest carry to pivot into from an AD opener and she can be played with several different frontline units and secondary carries. Rolling at level 8 on stage 4-2 or 4-5 is optimal with this comp but you generally want to roll at level 7 for Belveth and an upgraded front line. In general, you play any frontline you can hit. These include an aegis frontline, Threats and Mecha Sett. What frontline you play depends on your items, lobby and what you hit on your rolldown. Typically the aegis frontline is the strongest as it less less requirements and stronger options. Sett’s best items are Redemption, Dragon’s Claw, Bramble, and Vow; so you should only play him if you have 2 or 3 of these items. This comp often has multiple open slots so don’t hesitate to itemize a secondary carry like Aphelios, Samira, or Urgot as having a secondary carry makes this comp much stronger as long as it doesn’t come at the cost of a weaker frontline.

Belveth’s core items are Last Whisper and Gunblade. You can get away with BT (Bloodthirster) or HOJ (Hand of Justice), but they fall short of Gunblade. The third item can be just about any AD item like Edge of Night, GS, Guardbreaker, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Infinity Edge; but the best is Titan’s Resolve. The best hero augment in this comp is ‘Back for Blood’ although it is quite difficult to tailor your board for Threats. Other good options are Voidmother, Supersize, Eclipse Prime, Armored-dillo, Cosmic Barrier, Endless Pizza, Boxing Lessons, Unrelenting Force, and Evasion. The best non-hero augments for this comp are Threat Level Maximum, Clear or Cluttered Mind, Scoped Weapons, Last Stand, Second Wind, Ascension, Exiles, Celestial Blessing, Knife’s Edge, and Thrill of the Hunt.

Sureshot Samira

Samira carry plays almost exactly the same as Belveth: you want to fast 8 – But you usually will have to roll on 7 for one Samira or Senna 2 and an upgraded frontline; which should just be whatever you hit on your rolldown. If you have extra carry items, put them on Belveth or Senna until you hit Aphelios and always take blue gun (Duskwave) no matter what. If you hit +1 Sureshot, you should always play 4 Sureshot, and put the emblem on Belveth or Urgot. Samira’s only core item is last whisper but her best items outside of that are Guardbreaker, IE, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Gunblade. While HOJ, Rageblade, and Deathblade are weaker but still playable options. You always want to roll for Samira or Aphelios hero augments if you can. The best options for 1-3 cost ones are Endless Pizza, Corps Formation, Boxing Lessons, Evasion, Unrelenting Force, Armored-dillo, and Cosmic Barrier. The best non-hero augments for this comp are +1 Sureshot, Second Wind, Jeweled Lotus, Clear or Cluttered Mind, Cybernetic Implants, Stand United, and Ascension.

A Tier


Like the other 4-cost carries you want to roll on level 8 for Viego 2, Aphelios, and Leona if you can as this comp needs legendaries to place high; but you can still roll on level 7 for just Viego and a 2 star frontline. Fiddlesticks is a flex unit, and you can also drop Annie and Fiora for ‘Windy Weather’ Janna, Mordekaiser, Nunu, Urgot, Samira, or Belveth. If possible try to get Ox Force spats to more easily fit in 6 Ox Force on your board and put them Belveth or Samira. Gunblade and Ionic Spark are Viego’s two core items. Again Bloodthirster and HOJ are much worse but it’s fine to make them if you have to. His best third item is Titan’s Resolve or Deathcap but Guardbreaker, jg, or an extra healing option are all decent options. Avoid making tank items in this comp unless you have to and just itemize multiple carries like Aphelios, Samira, Belveth, or Mordekaiser. Chalices are also great to give Viego additional AP. The best hero augments for this comp are either Viego augment, Eclipse Prime, and Locked and Loaded. The best 1, 2, and 3-cost options are Oxian Rage, Hextech Retribution, and Behemoth, but Vitality of the Ox and Burning Spirit can also work. Battlemage, Thrill of the Hunt, Jeweled Lotus, Second Wind, and Clear or Cluttered mind are the best non-hero augments.

Anima Squad

Anima Squad has risen up as a strong flexible comp after the buffs but it’s important to start stacking HP early. The comp becomes much better with +1 Anima Squad Heart/Emblem. The default board uses Miss Fortune as a carry but this comp is much stronger with the Vayne and Riven carry augments. When playing Vayne carry, Reroll on level 7 for Vayne, Nilah, and Riven 3 and play the 1st board. Alistair and Sejuani are flex units. In general prioritize tank items on Riven or Ekko and spear of shojin, as it is core on both vayne and MF and you can stay flexible if you don’t have a hero augment yet. Vayne’s other best items are Deathblade, Infinity Edge, Gunblade, Giant Slayer and Guardbreaker. while MF’s best are deathcap, Guardbreaker, Jeweled Lotus, giant slayer, Deathcap, and Hextech Gunblade. Blue Buff and Stattik Shiv are passable if you don’t have Shojin or Spark, which is a necessity for MF carry. The best hero augments are Spread Shot, Bunny Mercenary, Reverberation, Get Excited; you always want to force one of these if you can. The best 1-cost hero augments are Petricite Chains and Soul Eater but you should only take these and play this comp if you have a 3 Anima squad opener with upgrades and a slamm-able item. The best normal augments are any +1 Anima Squad, +1 Prankster, Second Wind, Ascension, Urf’s Grab Bag, Jeweled Lotus, Portable Forge, Cybernetic Uplink, Exiles, and Ancient Archives.

B Tier


Lasercorps received a big change this patch with 6 Lasers being replaced by 5 and 7. The mid-game has become stronger as it’s easier to hit 5 with the trade-off being a weaker late-game unless you can hit 7. This comp performs below average without a +1 Lasercorp as you cannot rely on hitting Mordekaiser and will usually be bleeding out in the late-game. This means that most games you’re looking to pivot towards Belveth or Samira. You can pivot into Kaisa as well if you are uncontested and have the items/units for it.

Zed’s only core item is Edge of Night. His other items can be Last Whisper, Giant Slayer, HOJ, Gunblade, Bloodthirster, Hurricane, Spark, Guardbreaker or Titan’s Resolve. The other important item for this comp is MR shred so build either Shiv or Spark. The best hero augments are Corps Focus, Cull the Meek, Spirit of the Exile, Corps Formation, Contempt for the Weak, Glacial prison, and Obliterate; avoid all other hero augments. The best normal augments are Second Wind, Thrill of the Hunt, Exiles, Urf’s Grab Bag, +1 Laser, Portable Forge, and Makeshift Armor.

Spellslinger Taliyah

Taliyah is back as a viable 4-cost AP carry so you want to roll at level 8 for her to fit this board; especially Syndra and Janna. The alternative would be to roll on 7 for 1 Taliyah and play a 3 star guardian board instead. If you get a +1 Spellslinger you want to play 6 Spellslingers by dropping to 3 Star Guardians as well; the best holder of the spat is fiddle. Taliyah has no core items but her best damage items are Jeweled Gauntlet and Guardbreaker, while other good items include Deathcap, Giant Slayer, Gunblade, Shojin, and Shiv if you can’t make spark, as magic shred is paramount to this comp’s success. Put tank items on Ekko over Annie, as he is a way better tank. The best hero augments for this comp are lucent barrier, burning spirit, zoomies, empowered reserves, be the stone, and undercurrent, while Chronobreak and Stoneweaver are also decent, while the best normal augments are +1 spellslinger or star guardian, luden’s echo, jeweled lotus, axiom arc, sunfire board, portable forge, and phony frontline. 

Heart Soraka & Leblanc

Soraka and especially Leblanc are good carries under the right conditions but require both a carry augment and a good ADMIN for it to work well. As Soraka fares poorly into the current meta look to only play it with ‘Cleansing Safeguard’ or ‘Aim Assist’ for Leblanc. The bottom board is a sample board; you can take out Lee Sin and Vi for Alistar and Yuumi or 4 Spellslingers like Annie and Janna. Blue Buff is required in this comp with the others items being items that amplify damage such as Jeweled Guantlet, Guardbreaker, and Giantslayer as you are already getting stats from your traits. ADMINS that give AP and mana are best so prioritize those. The top board is the one which you play with Lee Sin’s carry augment ‘Cleansing Safeguard’ which is one of the best augments this patch (this variant alone is S Tier). You want to play double Lee Sin 2 – clumping thLm to shield each other – while prioritizing tank items. The best augments are +1 Heart, Jeweled Lotus, Luden’s Echo, First Aid Kit (only with the Lee Sin augment), Phony Frontline, Stand united, Cybernetic Uplink, and Exiles.

Vertical Duelists

Vertical Duelists has two different ways to play: carrying Vayne or just playing the standard Zed carry. Zed is often the worse of the two but requires less to get it to work. If you get +1 Duelist, play 8 Duelists or drop GP for a better unit like Fiddle or Urgot when you hit them. Making Lockets of Solari is the main priority in this comp as they provide the much needed front line. Other than that Zed’s best items are Edge of Night, Hurricane, and Gunblade. Vayne’s best items are Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, Deathblade as well as any other AD items. Always try to roll for ‘Spread Shot’ if you have Vayne items but if not possible you can take hero augments like Into the Night, Contempt for the Weak, Vitality of the Ox, or Get Paid. 

C Tier

Gadgeteen Zoe

Gadgeteen Zoe has seen a rise after the buffs to Gadgeteen athough the main issue with the trait is that it’s never worth playing 1-cost units like Lulu and Poppy on your late game board. The board is somewhat flexible but this is the best late game variant once you hit Nunu and Syndra. There are two options with this comp: roll for Zoe 3 at level 7 with Lulu instead of Syndra and Nunu, or push levels for Legendaries and Ekko and Soraka 2. Ideally you want to roll for Zoe 3, but you should never do this if you are: too far off, don’t have enough money, or are contested, as you don’t often win out with Zoe 3. She always wants blue buff and Morello, while the best third item is either Gunblade, Deathcap, or Giant Slayer. Like all other AP comps Shiv or Spark are incredibly important; Shiv being much better as you want to have the shred reach the whole board for Zoe. Although it’s harder to make as you will be using your tears on your Blue Buff first . This comp’s best augments are Luden’s Echo, Stand united, Jeweled lotus, Phony Frontline, and Exiles while the best hero augments are Foster Growth, Burning Spirit, Infuse, and They See Me Rolling.

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