Patch 13.3 Rundown | Best TFT Comps Set 8 – Reroll Comps

In this article we cover all of the most common comps along with their execution, sample boards, and their best items and augments. Then we'll break down some of the best hero augments and how to play them.


Hero Augment Rerolls

Illuminating Singularity (Lux) – S Tier

Lux’s carry augment is really strong if you can get the right items. Roll on level 4 and 5 for Lux 3 while holding Star guardians and Spellslingers; once you hit just push levels for the standard Taliyah board.

Reign of Anger (Renekton) – S Tier

Roll for Renekton 3* and Blitz 3* on level 4-5 then push levels for 6 brawlers and add secondary carry like Belveth, Soraka, or Urgot. Other good items for him other than the ones shown are QSS, RFC, and Warmogs.

Flaming Ricochet (Gangplank) – S Tier

Reroll for GP and Supers on level 4 and 5 then go for level 6 and roll for the standard Yuumi/Nilah board. Gunblade is a necessity on Gangplank while Titan’s and Deathcap are his best two other items (any AP will work); mana items are not necessary. 

Bigger Better Buckler (Poppy) – S Tier

Poppy’s carry augment might be the best augment in the game currently. You can either play AD and carry Draven or play AP and carry Gadgeteens like Lulu or Zoe.

Other good carry hero augments to know include Edgelord, where you roll for Talon 3 and push levels for the standard Viego board, Get Excited, where you Reroll for Jinx 3 Riven 3 and play the typical Anima Squad board, Unrelenting Force where you reroll her (or push, if you are too contested and can’t hit), and play sureshots behind her.

Standard Reroll Comps

4 Recon – A Tier

4 Recon caps extremely high with good augments and everything 3-starred but it’s often hard to get there; especially when contested. Kaisa is the most standard carry for this comp but you can carry Vayne with Spread Shot or Belveth if you have a recon spat as well. Kaisa’s most important item is Gunblade; other than that Rageblade, Quicksilver, Giant Slayer, Guardbreaker and Deathcap are all good. Having magic shred is incredibly important as well so prioritize either shiv or spark. Always put your tank items on Rammus or Chogath, but preferably Rammus. Good augments include Tri Force, Trade Sector, Preparation, Phony Frontline, Exiles, Portable Forge and Second wind. If you are offered +1 Recon you should always take it and put the spat on Belveth and itemize her with a healing item and any other AD item. The best hero augments are Corps Focus, Raider’s Spoils, Multishot, Spread Shot, and Supersize, while Cosmic Barrier and Armored-dillo are also decent.

Yuumi Nilah – B Tier

Yuumi Reroll is often a 1st or 8th comp: you either hit early enough and have good augments or you don’t. Essentially this means you shouldn’t be looking to play this comp so unless you have early direction. This comp slow rolls at level 6 for Yuumi, Rell, Malphite, Lee Sin, and Nilah 3 but don’t be afraid to give up on Malphite and Lee Sin if you have to as they are often contested. Nilah is the most important unit in this comp and is the true carry so you should focus on itemizing her first. Redemption is her important item while Sunfire, Spark and Titan’s are her other best items. Make what you can for Yuumi but Blue Buff, Gunblade, and Deathcap are her best items. The hero augments for this comp are both Rell and Nilah augments, Predatory Precision, and Guardian Spirit; avoid this comp if you have anything else. Battlemage is by far the best normal augment in this comp but other good ones are Preparation, Big Friend, Jeweled Lotus, First Aid Kit, Stand United, Golden Ticket, Think Fast, Trade Sector, Portable Forge, and Makeshift Armor.

Draven Reroll – B Tier

Draven reroll received some nerfs in this patch but it is still very much playable and requires you to have a strong frontline while hitting your important units on tempo. You should generally avoid this comp without the Draven hero augments. There are two ways to play draven: with supers or with defenders. Supers is the standard board but Defenders are better with +1 Defender or Bigger Better Buckler (Hold the Line and Reverberation are also good but you should just play other comps with those like Yuumi/Nilah). Draven’s itemization is pretty strict: his three best items are Last whisper, Gunblade, and IE, but you can slam Hurricane, Rageblade, Giantslayer, Bloodthirster, or Titan’s if you have to but they are much worse. His best augments are Jeweled Lotus, Combat Training, Featherweights, +1 Defender, Ascension, Thrill of the Hunt, High Roller, Golden Ticket, and Think Fast.

Brawler Jax – C Tier

Brawler jax is back in the meta after some small buffs but he’s only available under a strict set of conditions. You always want to play Jax with a secondary carry, which is usually Soraka or Belveth. If you get +1 Brawlers, you should try to go level 8 to fit in 8 Brawlers; otherwise stay at level 7 and roll for Jax 3 and Riven 3 who can also be a great secondary carry in this comp. Jax’s most important item is RFC; after that Rageblade, Gunblade, Titan’s Resolve, and Quicksilver (QSS) are his best items. Sunfire and Spark or Shiv are vital for this comp or else you won’t do enough damage overtime. The best hero augments for this comp are Reverberation, Cull the Meek, Invigorate, or either Jax augment and the best of those being Evasion or Reverberation. The best non-hero augments are Scoped Weapons (to replace RFC), Second Wind, Ascension, +1 Brawlers, and Battlemage.

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