Teamfight Tactics Set 7: Dragonlands Tier List – Patch 12.15

An updated tier list of the current patch, Teamfight Tactics Set 7: Dragonlands. Our read on the meta with a curated guide on the comps.


TierComp Name
S Tier10 Cost AP Flex: Aurelion Sol = Shyvana > Ao Shin
Sy’Fen Mages
Jade Shi Oh Yu
Swain Shapeshifters
Dragon Alliance/Horde
A Tier
Guild Xayah
Whisper Elise
B TierDaeja Flex (1)
Astral Mages
Legend Volibear
Dragonmancer Lee Sin
Karma Reroll
Cannoneer Reroll
C TierSett Reroll
Yone Reroll
9 Astral
Nidalee Reroll

S Tier

A Tier

  • #07. Scalescorn

    #07. Scalescorn

    A full team effort, this comp draws power from each of it’s Scalescorn units to do their part.
    Braum can solo-tank for a full fight while Olaf + Lilia carries the DPS with either AD or AP items. Diana also plays a pivotal role with her back line access providing anti-heal/AS slow and occasional just taking out their carry.
    Note : if you have a scale score embelm then yasuo , pyke , talon are the best users
    if you have 2 scale score then its worth to try and go for six

    Direct damage items such as Ionic Spark and Runaan’s Hurricane are very strong in this comp due to how they interact with the Scalescorn Trait.

    Olaf: RH + Healing + Damage
    Diana: Ionic + FH + Flex (TR, Sunfire, Damage)
    Lilia: AA + Healing
    Assasin variation :

  • #08. Guild Xayah

    #08. Guild Xayah

    A top 4 at best given the right situation. Hitting Shyvana is vital for this comp to do well.

    Rageblade is a must. She can have any 2 damage items depending on the lobby.

  • #09. 6 Whisper Elise

    Elise wants AS + Healing + Flex

  • #10. Shimmerscale

    #10. Shimmerscale

    Corki variation:
    Alot of things you need to keep in mind when playing shimmerscale:
    1. Knowing what the first shimmerscale item is very important.
    2. Having a viable carry that can use the correct items early game.

    3. Swain for example can use 3 of the shimmer items fairly ok (Gambler’s Blade,Goldmancer’s Staff,Draven’s Axe).
    4. Deciding when to econ and when to roll, so ask yourself after scouting is my board stable ?
    5. Picking up ur gold during fights will make your units holding most shimmer items stronger.
    6. Which unit should I give crown to ? sometimes its zoe , sometimes yasuo with dimond hand , sometimes its even kayn if he jumps on the carry so make sure to put some shimmer scale items last during the start of the fight.
    7. If the first shimmerscale item is Big Gem its usually worth to skip 3 shimmer and play strongest board and then jump to 5 if you can.
    8. If your close to a good 3 star sometimes its better to go for it than leveling to 9.

  • #11. Varus

  • AD Legendaries

    AD Legendaries

  • AP Girls

    AP Girls

  • Ashe Supers

    Ashe Supers


  • Duelist Zed

    Duelist Zed

  • Hacker Zed

    Hacker Zed


    Aphelios Backline

    Taliyah Duo Carry

    Soraka Duo

    Viego Duo

    Windy Janna

    Prankster MF + ZED

B Tier

C Tier


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