Teamfight Tactics Set 7: Dragonlands Tier List – Patch 12.14B (WIP)

The best comps in the Teamfight Tactics metagame, complete an updated tier list for the latest patch, what to watch out for, and our recommendations.


The 12.14 B-patch nursed the game back to a healthier state with the removal of ‘Astral Toggling’.

10-cost dragons still reign over the meta though with 3 other main comps battling it out in a rock, paper, scissors match up. You have Corki Flex countering Jade Shi Oh Yu who in turn counters Daeja Flex which does well into Corki Flex comps. Then you have your grab bag of either Volibear, Scalescorn, and Astral Varus in each lobby with the occasional Xayah/Swain player praying for the Shyvanna to appear in their shop.

For rerolling enthusiasts we have the return of Sett Reroll and some activity happening in the 2* tier from Cannoneer Reroll, Yone Reroll and Astral Mages that can do well given the right spot

Overall being able to roll at 8 in this meta is a bigger deal with significant power swings that often can have you running off with the game.

TierComp Name
S Tier10 Cost AP Flex: Aurelion Sol = Shyvana > Ao Shin
Jade Shi Oh Yu
Daeja Flex (1)
Dragon Alliance/Horde
A TierAstral Mages
Syfen Mages/Whispers
Cannoneer Reroll
Legend Volibear
B Tier6 Whisper Elise
Dragonmancer Swain
Sett Reroll
Yone Reroll
Karma Reroll
C TierGuild Xayah
Varus Bruisers
Nidalee Reroll
Dragonmancer Lee Sin
9 Astral

S Tier

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