Set 8 Champions Guide

Every Champion in Teamfight Tactics Set 8: Monsters Attack!, each with their Best in Slot (BiS) items to help you out on the fly.

AlistarAlistarBramble Vest
AnnieAnnieGargoyle StoneplateRedemption
AsheAsheRunaan's Hurricane
Aurelion SolAurelion SolSpear of ShojinRabadon's DeathcapJeweled Gauntlet
BelvethBel'VethHand of Justice
BlitzcrankBlitzcrankWarmog's ArmorGargoyle Stoneplate
Cho'GathCho'GathWarmog's ArmorDragon's ClawGargoyle Stoneplate
DravenDravenInfinity EdgeHand of Justice
EkkoEkkoSunfire Cape Ionic SparkGargoyle Stoneplate
EzrealEzrealSpear of ShojinRabadon's DeathcapJeweled Gauntlet
FiddlesticksFiddlesticksMorellonomiconIonic Spark
FioraFioraTitan's ResolveBloodthirsterLast Whisper
GalioGalioWarmog's ArmorZz'Rot Portal
GangplankGangplankJeweled GauntletHand of JusticeEdge of Night
JannaJannaChalice of Power
JaxJaxGuinsoo's RagebladeBloodthirsterQuicksilver
JinxJaxSpear of ShojinArchangel's StaffGiant Slayer
Kai'SaKai'SaGuinsoo's RagebladeGiant SlayerArchangel's Staff
KayleKayleGuinsoo's RagebladeLast Whisper
LeBlancLeBlancSpear of ShojinRabadon's DeathcapGiant Slayer
Lee SinLee SinBramble VestWarmog's ArmorRedemption
LeonaLeonaBlue BuffBloodthirsterWarmog's Armor
LuxLuxSpear of ShojinJeweled GauntletHextech Gunblade
LuluLuluSpear of ShojinArchangel's StaffHextech Gunblade
MalphiteMalphiteDragon's ClawWarmog's ArmorRedemption
Miss FortuneMiss FortuneSpear of ShojinGiant SlayerRabadon's Deathcap
MordekaiserMordekaiserRabadon's DeathcapBloodthirsterMorellonomicon
NasusNasusRapid FirecannonInfinity EdgeHand of Justice
Nunu and WillumpNunu and WillumpMorellonomiconWarmog's ArmorBramble Vest
PoppyPoppyWarmog's ArmorDragon's ClawBramble Vest
RammusRammusBramble VestWarmog's Armor
RellRellWarmog's ArmorGargoyle Stoneplate
RenektonRenektonBloodthirsterTitan's ResolveIonic Spark
SamiraSamiraLast WhisperRunaan's HurricaneGiant Slayer
RivenRivenTitan's Resolve
SejuaniSejuaniWarmog's ArmorGargoyle StoneplateBramble Vest
SennaSennaGuinsoo's RagebladeLast WhisperRunaan's Hurricane
SettSettTitan's ResolveDragon's ClawRedemption
SivirSivirLast WhisperRunaan's HurricaneGuinsoo's Rageblade
SorakaSorakaBlue BuffJeweled GauntletGuardbreaker
SonaSonaBlue BuffRabadon's DeathcapHextech Gunblade
SylasSylasGargoyle StoneplateDragon's ClawTitan's Resolve
SyndraSyndraStatikk ShivChalice of Power
TaliyahTaliyahGuardbreakerJeweled GauntletHextech Gunblade
TalonTalonJeweled GauntletHand of JusticeEdge of Night
UrgotUrgotDeathbladeInfinity EdgeHand of Justice
VayneVayneGuinsoo's RagebladeInfinity EdgeHand of Justice
Vel'KozVel'KozStatikk Shiv
ViViDragon's ClawBramble VestRedemption
ViegoViegoJeweled GauntletHand of JusticeEdge of Night
YasuoYasuoJeweled GauntletHand of JusticeEdge of Night
WukongWukongGargoyle StoneplateRedemptionDragon's Claw
YuumiYuumiSpear of ShojinRabadon's DeathcapJeweled Gauntlet
ZacZacWarmog's ArmorGargoyle Stoneplate
ZoeZoeBlue BuffHextech GunbladeMorellonomicon
ZedZedLast WhisperInfinity EdgeEdge of Night

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