Set 8 Traits w/ Notes

Every Trait in Teamfight Tactics Set 8: Monsters Attack!, each with their notes to help you out on the fly.
A.D.M.I.N.A.D.M.I.N.OriginLimitless possibilities come with this trait as its trait bonuses change with every game and how effectively you use it is entirely left up to you. It’s recommended to play any 2 Admin’s as early as possible to pick its bonuses and figure out a game plan in relation to what you choose.

Soraka is the main AP carry but both Camille and LeBlanc can become the main carry with the right augments.
Anima SquadAnima SquadOrigin

Its many but low bonuses make it hard to justify using unless the unit benefits from all or most of them. An early Anima opener allows you to build stacks early which is helpful but can still be dropped for better units at a moment’s notice.

The main carries are Vayne (AD) and Miss Fortune (AP).


A strong mana regeneration support trait that activates at (1) allowing you to slot in them rather quite easily when that extra mana is needed.


A strong early tempo trait that falls off during the late game and is replaced with higher cost units. An early Gadgeteen opener can easily lead into strong mid-game AP boards like Taliyah, Soraka and Asol.


A strong early tempo trait that falls off during  the late-game. Anything higher than 6 is a rare sight and by no means is it required to be active to enable your carry like Zed.

If you manage to get 9 Laser Corps on the other hand it can be strong enough to win-out (You need to be lvl.9 with 2 Laser Emblems or have a Laser Heart + 1 Emblem at Lvl. 8).

Mecha: PRIMEMecha: PRIMEOrigin

Arguably the strongest frontline in the game. Play 3-5 Mechs, pick one to be your hyper tank and play a flexible array of backline carries like Zoe, Samira or Asol to support it!

They can also be rerolled with all 5 of them each having an opportunity to shine under the right conditions.

Ox ForceOx ForceOrigin

The 1 second invulnerability is the most important aspect of the trait. Most times you want to play just 2 to activate it unless playing multiple Ox Force carries such as Viego + Aphelios + Alistair which can justify playing a unit like Talon.

The main AP carry is Viego and the AD carry is Aphelios. Important tanks are Alistair and Annie.

Star GuardianStar GuardianOrigin

A strong mana regeneration trait that is unfortunately held down by strength of  its units. This encourages the use of strong units that also happen to have the SG trait such as Taliyah + Yummi + Ekko + Syndra. Most times you only play 3 as a core.


A versatile line-up that is slotted in numerous 2-cost and 1-cost reroll comps. Just add all 3 plus your carry and you already have your board ready to reroll!

Malphite is often the designated tank with Lee Sin the super unit while Gangplank can hold spare AP items as secondary or primary carry.


These units get no bonus power from their “Threat” trait but are inherently stronger to make up for it. They are designed to play specific roles and easily specced in when needed.

The UndergroundThe UndergroundOrigin

As the economy trait of this set the units themselves are relatively weak but make up for it by rewarding the player with cashouts. You get faster cashouts by losing but can also win fights to receive them at a more moderate pace and save HP.

Vi is the main tank with Samira + Kayle as AD item holders and Sona + Ezreal as AP item holders.


Only activating at (1) and at (4) this trait can be tricky to play around. It’s recommended to only do for the 4 Ace transition when you already have all the Ace units prepared on the bench.

Mordekaiser and MF hold AP items while Samira and Draven hold AD items.


Provides easy access to teamwide Magic Resistance with many of the units having great trait synergy with late-game carries such as Alistiar who shares Ox Force with Aphelios.

Try slotting in more Aegis units in AP heavy lobbies if you have space or consider whether having a specific unit on your board is more valuable than getting that extra MR.


Slightly different from all past iterations of the Bruiser/Brawler line, this version is a selfish percentage based trait that provides HP only for the user and is not a team-wide buff. Recommended to only activate it when the Brawler is of high value and you need it to stay alive longer.

Sejuani is a powerful late-game unit with board wide CC that benefits from having the Brawler trait activated


Harder to slot in than its Magic Resist variant due its unit quality. All Defenders are 2-costs and below except Sett and Riven making it hard to justify scenarios where you play more than 2. Nevertheless armor is important to this set so try to get (2) in if possible.

They also come with a built-in taunt at the start of the match


Every unit gets a “pseudo Guinsoo's Rageblade” with the stacking speed being raised at every level. Only activate when your carry is a Duelist and needs the attack speed as it is mainly an offensive trait. (4) is the magic number for Zed even with an emblem as it lets you drop filler Duelists with stronger units. You can consider higher levels with a heart or more emblems.

Zed is the main carry with Vayne often holding spare AD items or Aura items. Nilah and Fiora are squishy tanks not designed for long drawn out battles. Nilah can benefit from Duelists as a mana regen. trait with items and SG ( Star Guardians) activated.


To clear potential confusion:

  1. Any units can be sent into the backline using the ‘Hacker-im”
  2. Only Hacker units are granted the Omnivamp bonuses

Some clever tricks can be used to throw units in the backline for strategic benefit other than your carry. You can throw units with CC to  guarantee a good stun or even a unit with an item like a Sunfire Cape to get certain effects into the backline.

Hacker units can often ignore building healing items and focus on pure damage builds.

Play as many as you can afford to without weakening your board. The chase trait (4) is very strong). 

HeartHeartClassLee SinLuluSonaSorakaSyndraYuumi

Playing (4) is optimal with its main character Soraka. It empowers your entire team with bonus AP so consider playing other AP units like Zoe to make use of it.

(2) Can also be played with solid frontline and other venues for damage.


Hard countered by Anit-Heal but a strong frontline option nonetheless. Spikes at 4 and following levels are very strong if reached without weakening your overall board (not playing weak Mascot units and having hearts/spats). Most commonly only (2) is played in combination with other front line traits for a balanced defense.

Nunu is a tank and should be itemized as one. He can additionally hold healing items and anti-heal items. Nasus can hold both AD and Tank items. 


A very strong trait as it plays the role of a “ZZ’rot” and “Edge of Night” in one. Playing (2) with Ekko on your board can provide a much needed frontline in AP comps.

(3) is often not worth it if frontline is not an issue.


Pair well with crit items and allows you for greater positioning freedom as units will dash away from danger. Suffers from not having a unit higher than a 3-cost to play around in the late game.

Playing (4) allows your abilities to crit without the need of items like Infinity Edge and Jeweled Gauntlet. In fact if you are in a position to play (4) it is better not to build those items as most of the item's power comes from enabling a unit to do so.


An awkward trait that also suffers from an inconsistent carry in Veigo. Always play (3) even with a Renegade Heart/Emblem.

All the carries are AP except Camille who cannot carry unless rerolled under the right circumstances.


Gives flat AP and is best played at (4) when carrying it’s AP carry Taliyah.


Grants AD overtime and at least (2) is required when playing around a Sureshot carry such as Samira. Because it scales with time you want a strong frontline to properly enable it.

(4) is a safe and easy cap out option.


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