Tier A

#10. Shimmerscale

Corki variation: of things you need to keep in mind when playing shimmerscale:1. Knowing what the first shimmerscale item is very important.2. Having a viable carry that can use the correct items early game. 3. Swain for example can use…

#08. Guild Xayah

A top 4 at best given the right situation. Hitting Shyvana is vital for this comp to do well. Items:Rageblade is a must. She can have any 2 damage items depending on the lobby.

#07. Scalescorn

A full team effort, this comp draws power from each of it’s Scalescorn units to do their part.Braum can solo-tank for a full fight while Olaf + Lilia carries the DPS with either AD or AP items. Diana also plays…