Warrior Emblem Flex

The Warrior emblem is just another flex Attack Damage (AD) item like Deathblade Deathblade or Last Whisper Last Whisper. As long as you are playing another Warrior unit (which isn’t uncommon) you’re granted not just a +1 to a trait, but a powerful AD item when choosing the “Warrior Crest” as your Augment.

Warrior Emblem:

Warrior attacks have a 50% chance to increase the damage of their next attack.

  • 2 Warriors
    • 80% damage
  • 4 Warriors
    • 175% damage
  • 6 Warriors
    • 325% damage

To simplify: Half of your attacks have a chance to do 80% more damage, which averages to a 40% increase in damage. Essentially it looks a bit like this:

  • 2 Warriors
    • 40% damage
  • 4 Warriors
    • 87.5% damage
  • 6 Warriors
    • 162.5% damage

What does this effect?

This ‘power increase’ only effects attacks AND any physical damage counts as an attack.

  • So when Xayah pulls back her feathers… That’s an attack(s).
  • When Corki shoots his 4 rockets followed by ‘the big one’ – those are 5 attacks in total.
  • This is true for every other unit that does physical damage with their spell.

So how does the damage compare to any other item?

One could easily think “hey it always does 40% more damage, that’s better than a Giant Slayer Giant Slayer which only does 45% more damage on particular units”. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

To explain further we will be using the term ‘Slash’ to indicate when the warrior trait triggers it’s increased damage attack.

The ‘%’ increase in damage is obviously not a consistent case. When you factor in attacks with widely varying levels of damage -like Corki’s final rocket’ – not ‘slashing’ on an important cast means your losing out on much more damage. You might as well not be playing with an item when this occurs.

On the other hand hitting those crucial points can mean the opposite, spiking the DPS of your carry well beyond it’s average projected output. The shared issue between these moments is that TFT is not a game about average DPS output, it’s about winning battles and you can’t do that if you whiff the spells that are needed to win these fights.

For instance, if Corki hits all his ‘slashes’ into boards that he can beat even without ‘slashes’ and whiffs them against boards where he really needs them it doesn’t matter if he’s overall technically averaging a high DPS, you’re still losing all those fights you need to win.

Fortunately, a 50% chance is a lot easier to work with than what it was pre-rework (33% chance) and it’s still somewhat consistent enough to be viable as an item.


Let’s do the theoretical math to really see how the emblem stacks up to some of the other AD items:

Subject: A Corki 2* w/ 2 Warriors activated & 1 item

We are calculating the damage output after 10 autos and 1 cast. We are not factoring in any critical strikes or trait damage like Cannoneers. Giantslayer will only be calculated for it’s 20% increase not it’s 45% increase.

For Reference:

Corki launches a barrage of 4 missiles at his target, each dealing XAttack damage physical damage (70% Attack Damage Attack damage). The final missile is instead The Big One and deals XAttack damage physical damage (185% Attack Damage Attack damage +140Attack damage) in a large area.

Deathblade DeathbladeGiant Slayer Giant Slayer
10 Autos:163 x 10 = 1630123 x 10 = 1230
Spell:(114 x 4) + 442 = 898(86 x 4) + 368 = 712
Total:898 + 1630 = 2528 dmg1230 + 712 = 1942
120% of 1942 = 2330.4 dmg
Warrior Emblem Warrior EmblemInfinity Edge Infinity Edge
10 Autos:113 x 10 = 1130123 x 10 = 1230
Spell:(79 x 4) + 349 = 665(86 x 4) + 368 = 712
Total:1130 + 665 = 1795
140% of 1795 = 2513 dmg (avg)
1230 + 712 = 1942
140% of 1942 = 2718.8 dmg
Runaan’s HurricaneHand Of Justice Hand of Justice (Assault Mode)
10 Autos:123 x 10 = 1230143 x 10 = 1430
Spell:(86 x 4) + 368 = 712(100 x 4) + 405 = 805
RH Bolts:70% of 123 = 86.1
15 Autos x 86.1 = 1291.5
Total:1230 + 712 + 1291.5 = 3233.5 dmg805 + 1430 = 2235 dmg

Calculation Breakdown:

So I obviously didn’t calculate some items like Last Whisper because it’s effectiveness varies wildly on the opponents and I didn’t calculate Rapid Firecannon (RFC), Guinsoo's Rageblade Guinsoo’s Rageblade (RB) or factor in Attack Speed (AS) in at all (the bow component in the Giant Slayer) because I was calculating them based on per autos not per seconds.

Let’s start with some outliers. Runaan’s Hurricane (RH) is skewed because we know a large portion of that damage is coming from his bolts and don’t do anything to increase the damage of Corki’s AOE spell. Hand Of Justice Hand of Justice (HOJ)’s numbers look better as I am only using it’s ‘assault’ mode; if we had averaged out it’s number using it’s healing mode it would be a smaller more realistic number. We also didn’t factor in the crit. glove for HOJ as well.

The main ones we want to look at are Deathblade, Infinity Edge Infinity Edge, Giant Slayer and the Warrior Emblem Warrior Emblem. In a bubble it seems like IE is the best option here followed by DB and then GS and it technically is if we’re not factoring in star levels or if the opponent has any units above the 2200 HP threshold.

The idea that we’re exploring is having to take the Warrior Crest at 2-1 as extra items have much more impact the earlier you get them. While the performance of the Warrior Crest may vary per game it’s average raw damage numbers are very much in-line with the other options and I think we can safely say that it’s a definitely a viable AD item that even outperforms some of the others.

This is all at 2 Warriors. The moment we hit 4 it’s average DPS jumps higher than any existing AD option. Let’s talk about why we don’t factor in this aspect as much:


The obvious drawback to this is that we always need to be playing at least 1 Warrior unit for this to even be viable. To be fair it’s not much of a drawback as Shen and Yasuo both exist. Shen is a super versatile and strong unit that fits into almost any comp in the early game and occasionally makes it onto late-game boards. Yasuo is arguably the most flexible legendary unit that can fit into any comp at 9 and even 8; there are no drawbacks in playing a strong unit you were probably going to play either way.

The real tragedy are the rest of the Warrior line. Aatrox, Yone, and Olaf are all awful units (when no the main carry) in the late-game and if you want to reach 4 warriors you’re going to be forced to play Yasuo, Shen + 1 of the 3 trait bots mentioned. Unless you have another Warrior emblem/heart you can’t play 4 Warriors without becoming significant weaker.



I organized units into a rough tier list of units that can hold your Warrior Emblem and units that you can end up carrying them with. The best ones are at the top with it slowly getting less optimal towards the bottom. I’ll quickly cover some of the ones worth talking about.

Sett Reroll and Kayn Reroll can both the Warrior emblem very effectively. Ragewing’s in general have a great time using it with a core of Shen + Senna + Sett with the emblem on the strongest unit; eventually the emblem will go on to Xayah or Talon.

The Corki line uses it very effectively as well as a common mid-game boards includes a Tahm Kench + Shen board. You can have it on Trist/Senna as and item holder before you play it on Corki or Sy’fen depending on your item. Your front line does suffer a bit you should use the fact that you already have +1 item on Corki to focus on really good tank items.

Sy’fen is the ONE exception where you can actually play 4 Warriors for a stronger board. Olaf + Shen + Yasuo + Warrior Sy’fen is perfectly viable although I’m sure the final board removes both Olaf + Shen to properly cap out. 90% average DPS increase is nothing to scoff at though, especially with the chance of a 175% damage increase when he charges or bites.


Top row is core. Bard + Soraka can be anything such as: Heimer + Lulu + Zoe at lvl. 9 for Trainers and Mages, 6 Whispers with Elise + Pyke, Ryze/Nami + Zoe for 3 mages at lvl. 8, etc…


TiamatWarrior’s enhanced attacks deal 40.0% of their damage to enemies in a 1-hex area around their target. Gain a Yone.

Nothing much to mention here except for the fact that getting the augment obviously makes the emblem a lot stronger. I honestly don’t have the urge to learn the formula to give you the exact numerical dps increase but to give a general idea it looks something like this: 50% chance to do +80% damage & 40% of that damage again in AOE form.

ex. If you do 100 damage, you have a 50% chance of doing 180 damage + 72 damage (40% of 180) in an area around the target. Basically a 50% chance of doing 252 damage…? I wonder if saying it’s an average ( [80 + 40] / 2 ) 60% damage increase is correct. I don’t know for sure honestly.


  • Can Swain use the Warrior emblem as his autos become spells?
    • Unfortunately not. I tested it thinking it was wokege but the game failed me (sadge)
  • Is Warrior Daeja good?
    • No. Feels weird because it feels like Daeja was designed for it -while it works it’s not very good. I would only do it when I reroll Yone and have no one else to put an extra Warrior emblem on.
  • Does Xayah’s ‘pull back’ count as 1 attack or multiple for Warriors?
    • Each feather does it’s own damage so each one has an individual chance of activating the trait, it’s not all at once which makes it a lot more consistent and safe.
  • If you have any other questions feel free to comment them below and I’ll post the answers here as well!


I think the Warrior trait is undervalued due to it’s units. The trait bonus itself is cracked and that’s why getting an emblem that allows you to transfer it’s power is a great way to take advantage of its strength. This is the same reasons why 6 Warriors is really only overpowered when you get two emblems, as it means you get to drop a trait bot showing again how much the units draw the trait back.

Always interested in hearing your thoughts on the emblem and how you’re utilizing it in your games. Are you thinking outside the box with some interesting tech or do you just see the Warrior Emblem/Crest/Crown as a low roll or something to throw on any unit?


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