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Originally I was going to make an ‘ADMIN Tier List’ ranking all the possible combinations from best to worst but from the get-go I could tell it wasn’t going to be helpful nor accurate due to the different nuances that every situation brings. Also it would largely fluctuate depending on the meta. So I decided to make a a spreadsheet for players to get a better idea of what direction they could go with each of the ADMIN’s instead as that does a much better job in helping players understand their different strengths.

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FAQ + Additional Notes

  • With Hackerim it will count as an ‘Ally Death’
    • Allies include any units that was on your board at the start of the round
    • ZZ’rot’s, Syndra pulls, Zac blobs, Prankster dummies all do NOT count as allies
  • Woodland Charm units, Target Dummies, Hackerim w/ a unit, Mech sacrifices, Leblanc’s Mirror Image all DO count as allies.
  • It seems all the team wide effects have been balanced around the power of a Silver Augment
  • ADMIN effects DO work during neutral rounds (ex. Krugs, Wolves, etc…)

ADMIN Emblem

As an Item

How does the Emblem compare as an item? For example ‘Gain 18 AP every 5 seconds’ can be likened to a slightly worse Archangel’s which instead gives 20 AP every 5 seconds. But every effect is made different and many cannot be as easily as compared. Such as ’80 AD at 40% HP which sounds especially potent on certain carries like Zed who have the ability to not only quickly hit that threshold but also quickly heal back up. Even as values vary for each combination of triggers and effects we can see by looking at general effects like ‘Gain 50 AD at combat start’ that they seem to be slightly weaker than their item counterparts (Deathblade in this case which gives 60 AD) to take into account the other benefits of having an emblem; another trait count which also works to empower the other units.

Unique Users

The sheer amount of possible unit and combination possibilities make it demanding to muse over each and every single one of them so I listed a few of the pairs that uniquely stood out to me:

‘On Cast’ Zoe

Having been granted the smallest manapool of 30, Zoe easily becomes the prime candidate for abusing Blue Buff + the Heart/ADMIN emblem. Especially when the trigger ‘On Cast’ is selected with either ‘Gain 10 AP’, ‘Gain +10 Max.HP’ or even ‘25% chance to gain gold’. She even gets the added benefit of having synergistic traits allowing her to easily fit alongside ADMIN comps.

ADMIN Fiddlesticks

With the ability to drop aggro on cast as well as having built-in healing, Fiddlesticks is one of the few great users of this niche trigger if you can make it there. His best options would be ‘gain 80 AP’ and my personal favourite ‘gain 100 mana’ which allows him to cast again immediately!

ADMIN Ox Force

Much like Fiddlesticks, Ox Force units have the ability to gain the effects of the ‘at 40% HP’ trigger and almost always guarantee they make use out of it with their ability to defy death. Take a unit like Viego whose HP bar is half empty one second and back to full the next as he jumps around the board before going down to 1 HP again and then making another comeback. I could see all of the effects being great on him even including ‘gain 80 AD’ and ‘gain 80 AS’ as due to ‘Renegade’ empowering his overall damage.

‘On Death’ Mecha Prime

2 units die right as combat starts (the mecha sacrifices) allowing you to gain some immediate powerful benefits like 40 (20 +20) mana or 40 AP for all your ADMIN units. We can also give the Mecha unit the emblem to give them the same bonuses and 40 AD or 40 AS which are more suitable for units like Sett or Jax.

To Conclude

What are your thoughts on the current state of ADMINs and your go-to plan with them? Does it differ from the spreadsheet? Let me know what cues you take when offered your ADMIN choices!

Also have any creative ADMIN emblem holder’s? Most times I never really get to branch out to different units and always end up placing them on Sona/Zoe or whatever front line I have who can hold them. In my opinion I think the team wide buffs are just better for empowering other units than the actual emblem in most cases but let me know what you guys think.

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