Which Gun is Best on Aphelios?

Short Answer: Stun Gun (Middle Gun) AKA Blinding Eclispe

Full Analysis:

“Which Gun is best on Aphelios?” is a frequent question everyone sees this set and for most people the answer is generally understood as “if Aphelios is not the carry = middle stun gun” and “if he is the carry = left wave gun”. For the most part that’s good enough for most players to get on by with but as with all things in TFT there really is no straightforward answer to “which gun is best” and instead is left up to the user to decide which is the optimal choice given his unique situation and factors. Here to help with the fine details of to really optimize the power of Aphelios is a detailed rundown of his arsenal:

**Because the community calls the different weapons several name I listed them in order of in-game choice and listed their individual aliases in brackets for clarity.

Duskwave [Blue, Minigun, Left]

Aphelios unleashes a wave of energy in a cone in his target’s direction, dealing magic damage to all units hit and locking on to them. After a delay, Aplhelios fires a volley of attacks at each locked-on target, dealing physical damage.

  • Duskwave Percent of Attack Damage: 200% / 200% / 800%
  • Duskwave Magic Damage: 45 / 75 / 2000
  • Duskwave Num Bullets: 7 / 7 / 15
Notes & Features:
  • Flat scaling across level 1* and 2* (200% AS and 7 bullets flat)
  • The only option to use magic damage allowing Aphelios to be utilized as a Morello applier.
  • Targets “his current target” meaning the target he is currently auto-attacking. More specifically his target unit becomes the middle of the ‘cone’ he shoots out so if he’s targeting a unit in the far side he risks missing half of his cone.
  • Has access to the back line and can potentially skip past hypertanks.
  • Does very well into clumped units.
  • Cannot “miss” as units are locked on, essentially hitscan and not projectile
  • Very quick cast time allowing for AS ramping from sources like Guinsoo’s Rageblade by returning to auto attacking sooner
  • Wide coverage AD AOE allowing LW to be applied in large areas
  • RH bolts appear for the 2nd AD wave but not the 1st AP wave.

Binding Eclipse [Purple, Rocket Launcher, Middle]

Aphelios casts forth a lunar spotlight towards the largest group of units, dealing physical damage and stunning all enemies in the area.

  • Binding Eclipse Base Damage: 55 / 85 / 2000
  • Binding Eclipse Stun Duration: 1.5 / 2 / 15
  • Has lower base AD damage scaling
Notes & Features:
  • A stun that also adds +0.5 secs at 2*
  • Targets “largest group” which is the most reliable system of the 3 options
  • Does AOE AD meaning he can apply things like LW or Black Cleaver
  • The damage while lacking is still enough to be used when carrying in many circumstances
  • With Ox Force activated Aphelios can be front line to generate a faster guaranteed cast without the risk of an early death

Onslaught [Red, Chakram, Right]

Aphelios enters an onslaught for 1.75 seconds, automatically performing 6 attacks over the duration at the nearest 2 enemies, dealing physical damage to each enemy.


Onslaught Base Damage: 55 / 85 / 2000

Notes & Features:
  • The longest cast time of the three of nearly 2 whole seconds (1.75)
  • Targets “2 nearest” enemies, this is actually very different from Duskwave’s ‘target unit’ as Aphelios will ignore his current target if there are 2 units closer. This is really good when up against units like Zed who jump into your back line and don’t get targeted until your units are done kill the tank. This can also work in the opposite fashion if you decide to ‘hackerim’ your Aphelios and send him into the backline.
  • Has the highest damage output with the best AD scaling of 270%
  • Has a ‘guaranteed’ damage output
  • ‘Single’ target burst. Targets two units of course but still performs the same role of a hypercarry counter or tank shredder.
  • Can be interrupted resulting in large DPS loss, the others can be as well but this is especially prone due to it’s long cast time
  • Does not count as an ‘auto-attack’ meaning that they don’t stack Rageblade or generate RH bolts**

RB stacks does not always mean its an Auto-attack, Riot coding is inconsistent**

Quick Comparison:

Here’s a table to highlight the most important aspects and features that set each option apart:

DuskwaveBlinding EclipseOnslaught
TargetingTarget UnitLargest Clump of Units2 Nearest Units
Damage TypeMulti-Target + AOEAOESingle Target Burst
UsageBack-line Access/General CarrySupport UtilityFront to Back/Hypercarry Counter
Item BiasHigh AS, Rageblade, LW, MorelloLW, Mana ItemsHigh AD items, Pure Damage Amp, GS
Unique FeaturesCan apply Morello’sStuns UnitsFocused Burst Damage

Personal Input: The best gun

Usually I avoid putting in my personal input in a breakdown like this where I’m displaying purely facts about the mechanics so I want to be clear this is just my personal opinion.

Above all, the feature that matters the most is targeting and this is why I believe that ‘Blinding Eclipse’ (the purple stun gun) is the go-to weapon even when carrying Aphelios. Extenuating circumstances aside such as wanting to apply Morrelos, the enemy team tightly clumping or Aphelios really being you sole source of damage the Stun Gun is the most reliable weapon. While it may seem that there is a severe lack of damage, ‘160% AD scaling vs 270% and 200%’, being able to target the biggest clump no matter how you position Aphelios is a considerable advantage especially in the late game.

Compared to Duskwave which you really have to position for to maximize its output, you can just put Aphelios away from any danger like Zed’s or Sejuani’s stuns and sit him next to a Windy Janna on the complete other side from your team while still hitting the enemy team’s biggest clump no matter what. Yes Duskwave does have 40% higher AS scaling with a much higher potential damage output but that’s only if you can take full advantage of it, which many times you cannot.

Now look at Onslaught (red gun) with 270% AS scaling and that gun also falls short due to how long it’s cast time is. Yes it ‘does more damage’ but it lasts for almost 2 seconds and in that time other guns are back to doing more auto attack damage which is very significant for a Sureshot and Ox Force unit like Aphelios. They’re also building up more mana for their next cast and there is still the issue of positioning towards the unit you want to shred down which again can easily be countered by your opponent swapping their Mecha Jax or Sett to the other side.

Against the other options Blinding Eclipse stands out for it’s ability to reliably hit a large group of units no matter where he is and the power to stall the fight with his stun allowing for his AD to ramp up even more with Sureshot.

In Summary:

Stun Gun > Duskwave > GAP > Onslaught. There are situations where a feature of one enables it to be more effective and it is something to keep in mind outside of defaulting to the one that is generally good. What are some of the various applications and differences you have noticed during your usage of Aphelios so far?


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