Zac Deep Dive: Determining the Exact Value of Building HP

Let’s start with a quick refresher on Zac’s abilities:

Health: 1050 / 1890 / 3402
Armor: 65
MR: 65
Passive: Upon dying, split into 2/2/4 smaller Zac Blobs with 40/40/50% of Zac’s maximum Health that taunt nearby enemies.
Active: Zac bounces into the air and slams down, dealing 100/150/1500 magic damage + 18% of his current Health as magic damage to nearby enemies. Then he heals 20% of his missing Health.

All three aspects of Zac’s abilities scale with HP making it clear that HP is the best way to itemize and in this deep dive we want to determine the exact value of each HP point and how it effects Zac. We will also briefly go over his AP scaling and then some theorycrafting at the end so stick around~

Calculating his ‘True Healthpool’

A 1* Zac has 1050 HP but due to his passive this is increased by 40% x2. (He creates 2 blobs with 40% of his max. HP) :

Blobs: 40% of 1050 (0.4 x 1050 = 420) x 2 = 840 HP
So his blobs would add up to +840 bonus HP.

He also heals for 20% of his missing Health:
Heal: 20% of 1050 (0.2 x 1050) = 210 Heal

Now it’s a bit difficult to say how many time Zac will cast and at how much HP will be remaining when he does so to simplify the process we took 20% of max. HP instead as a rough average.

Total: 1050 (Base HP) + 840 (Blobs) + 210 (Heal) = 2100 HP worth of front line

So we can see that a 1* Zac with actually has a extra+1050 HP with his ability. Now what happens if we give him more HP?

Adding a Warmogs

**Calculations were started before warmogs nerf, makes little difference as his scaling remains unchanged

1* Zac (1050 HP) + Warmogs (1000 HP)

Blobs: 0.4 x (1050 + 1000) = 820 x 2 = 1640 HP
Heal: 0.2 x 2050 = 410 Heal
Total: 1640 + 410 = 2050 HP

Total Frontline: 2050 + 1640 + 410 = 4100 HP

It was at this point I realized… I didn’t need to do all this math because his scaling can be simplified to:

Blobs = 80% of max HP (40% x 2)
Heal = 20% of max HP

So 80% + 20% is 100% meaning that whatever his max HP is, Zac has the power to get 2x the value out of it. Zac’s HP scaling is roughly +100% of his max. HP (assuming he casts at least once).

Ex. A Zac with 5000 HP would actually have 10,000 HP when factoring in his ability

:. With a 1:2 ratio when it comes to HP, every point of health you give to Zac he will double, making HP unsurprisingly very effective on Zac.

AP Scaling

Now that we’ve concluded his HP scaling let’s take a brief look at his AP scaling to dispel some rumours about it’s effectiveness:
Zac’s spell’s base damage is quite low (100/150/1500) making his AP scaling very poor as that’s all it affects. Although this ability is tied to his health scaling as well providing decent damage relative to his manapool and role as a primary tank.

His spell damage:

1* Zac Spell Damage = 100 + (18% of 1050) = 289 dmg (AOE)
2* Zac Spell Damage = 150 + (18% of 1890) = 490 dmg (AOE)

About 1.7x increase in power from level 1 > 2

Let’s itemize him in a couple ways to see how it affects him:

Rabadon's Deathcap

2* Zac + Rabadons (70 AP) = (150 x 1.7) + (18% of 1890) = 595 dmg (AOE)

Random Item that gives +100 AP (for understanding & comparison):
(150 x 2) + (18% of 1890) = 640 dmg (AOE)

Warmog's Armor

150 + (18% of 2890) = 670 dmg (AOE)

Conclusion: To state something that was obvious from the beginning it’s much more worth you’re while to build HP rather than AP on Zac. Even if you were for some reason building Zac as a damage carry you would always invest in HP over AP. In terms of damage alone Warmogs outclasses Rabadon’s without even factoring in all the other numerous benefits of HP. Never purposely build AP on Zac.

Now that we’ve gotten a solid understanding of his HP/AP scaling let’s get to the fun stuff!

For Fun Calculations:

All calculations here will be using a 2* Zac

Brawler Emblem

I know many of you have wondered this already so let’s just get to what we really came here for and see what (8) Brawler Zac looks like.

Brawler Trait:

(2) +20% maximum Health
(4) +40% maximum Health
(6) +70% maximum Health
(8) +111% maximum Health

(2) Brawler Zac for reference:
120% of 1890 = 2268 HP (+378 HP)

(8) Brawler Zac [+111% maximum Health]
211% of 1890 = 3988 HP (+2097 HP)

Blobs: 0.4 x 3988 = 1595 x 2 = 3190 HP
Heal: 0.2 x 3900 = 780 Healing

Total = 3988 + 3190 + 780 = 7958 HP

Conclusion: (8) Brawler is a 4K HP tank with a 800 HP max. heal and 2x 3190 HP clones that spawn upon death for a grand total of 7958 HP.

If you wanted to know any of the numbers from between you can easily take a rough estimate between the given parameters of (2) Brawler and (8) Brawler.

Mecha Emblem

Zac is a great unit to use as a “Mecha Sacrifice” as he still gets to use his passive on his death, but if you were
curious as to what occurred if he was the selected ‘Prime’ here’s your answer:

Combat start: the PRIME combines with the 2 nearest Mecha, absorbing 100% of their Base Health (Base means no traits or items factored).

Obviously the higher the HP of the sacrifice the stronger the prime but for a realistic scenario I’m going to be using the original Mecha units as examples.

Mecha:Prime (3) / Draven 2* (1080 HP) / Jax 2* (1440 HP)

Total HP: 1080 + 1440 = 2520 HP

1890 HP (Zac 2*) + 2520 (Mecha HP) = 4410 HP
Blobs: 40% of 4410 = 1764 x 2 = 3528 HP
Heal: 20% of 4410 = 882 Healing

Mecha Zac would be a walking 4410 HP tank that healed for almost a warmog’s worth of health at low health and did approx 500 spell damage even before factoring in his two remaining item slots.
Then he dies and summons 2x 1764 HP Zz’rots to take his place. This is honestly starting to look more like an actual tech and less of a ‘for fun’ theorycraft the more I look into it. The percentage healing in his ability just naturally gives him a radiant redemption which is already BIS on Mecha:Prime front line and scales very well with max. HP. Definitely something to keep as an option if ever in the correct spot.

Mecha Prime at (5) does nothing but add more AP/AD for Zach which we already is know is quite useless on him. If you were curious to see him with bulkier sacrifices simply plug a higher number into the equations above and add them all up!


  • Zac’s HP scaling is 100% of his base Max HP. ex. If he has 5000 HP he will create 5000 more HP through passives and abilities.
  • Zac’s AP scaling is horrendous, do not build AP.
  • Brawler Zac is Wokege
  • Mecha Zach is Wokege

Since we are still early on in the set there is a lot I still have to look into but here are some of the frequent questions I can answer:

  • Do Zac’s ‘blobs’ have the same stats as the original Zac?
    • The blobs are just smaller copies of Zac with a % of his Max HP and do not gain any stats he previously had. They do receive any team wide buffs like Defender and Aegis though. It’s yet to be confirmed whether or not they retain any trait bonuses from emblems on the original Zac.
  • Does Zac’s blobs spawn when he’s a mecha sacrifice?
    • Yes, at the start of the round Zac will be sacrificed and two blobs will immediately spawn.
  • Why does the taunt of Zac’s blobs not work sometimes?
    • Zac dies first then the blobs spawn. In that short time a enemy unit will target the next nearest unit in their range. If they are closer to the new target the taunt till not affect them.

Feel free to ask any or your own to add to the list! Thanks for reading and let me know you’re thoughts on Zac and ways to optimize this unique unit!


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