The first few units displayed are always Zaun units as they are by the most common users of Chem-Mods. Units like Warwick are never the final holder of these mods and are often here just to show that they can be good 'Chem-Mod' holders. Non-Zaun units shown are here either because they are often played or easily played together in Zaun comps OR use the Chem-Mod so well they are mention purely for their synergy and strongest board potential.

Adaptive Implant:
  • The closest thing you can compare this Chem-Mod to is a Hand of Justice that gives buffs depending on how much HP you have instead of randomly between rounds.
  • Urgot is the best user of this Chem-Mod.
  • Every Rogue comp and reroll comp that utilizes Ekko/Warwick has an easy time fitting 2 Zaun with a +1 emblem which is why Katarina, Zed and Gwen are easy options.
Hextech Skeleton:
  • A very strong all-rounder tank item with the added value of healing and 'refreshing' the holder every 5 seconds.
  • Sejuani, Nasus, Sion are all frontline units with high HP value who make great use of this mod. While Sejuani and Sion may be easier to fit into Zaun comps Nasus especially gets great value from the refresh that allows for nearly 16% HP healing every 5 seconds with Shurima - not to mention Shurima and his ability both increasing his max. HP.
Virulent Bioware
  • A Morello-like item that applies a damage amp instead of a Burns and Wounds. Most good Morello holders will also be good users of this Mod.
  • Ability damage is not limited AP or AD and counts any damage done with a spell makin Zeri perfect at spreading the debuff across the entire board
Shimmer Injector
  • A mix of Set 8 Ox Force and Set 8.5 Ox Force as an item; at 1 HP the units gains attack speed as well as 30% of their HP.
  • Any unit that can get away with the buffs as well as make use of the attack speed is a perfect user. In any case simply utilizing it as a pseudo Edge of Night is fine as well.
Unstable Chemtank
  • Comparable to a Bruiser emblem it's best on units to give them tankiness but can be used more for it's damage in the early and mid game.
  • Ekko is a solid user but sometimes will completely miss the on-death explosion if he happens to cast just as he dies (more common than you might think) as he will leap backwards
  • Making sure the explosion hits into the backline is a sought after traits for users of this mod and there is no one better than Jarvin as he jumps right into the backline and makes great use of the extra tank stats. Rek'Sai makes use of that to a lesser extent and is also a Bruiser to benefit more off the max. HP.
  • Swain's ability scales his HP allowing the explosion on-death to do an absurd amount of damage:
    • (Max HP: 1440) x 1.33 = 1915 + (Ability: +450) = 2365 >> 30% of 2365 = 709 magic damage in a 2 Hex area.
    • This is without any traits, items or overcharge which would be 45% for 3 hexes instead.
  • Any Rouges are easily played with Ekko and are excellent at blowing up the backline on-death.
  • Darius is an available option in Katarina Reroll where he or Ekko make good uses as Darius will often be 3* giving him a large health pool and can occasionally jump into the back after chaining executes.
Robotic Arm
  • Very much like the Twinshot trait from set 6.
  • Any AD unit or unit that scales off of attacks like Azir make good use of it and can scale even better with items such as Rageblade, Titan's or Runaan's Hurricane.