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This Strategy is rising on chinese websites like bilibili and a lot of german players in EUW play this comp with a lot of success.

The basic Strategy of this comp is to use Kayle with double Rageblade and Bastions with triple Locket to reach level 9 as fast as possible.

With level 9, Kayle's spell gets upgraded and it is easy to search for legendary units that can win you the game.


This comp can probably not be forced in any game and requires either a big highroll that strengthens your early-mid game or a lot of gold through augments or portals. That being said I still managed to consistently climb with it for several games in a row.



Kayle: Rageblade + Rageblade + Item from Demacia
Shen > Taric > Kassadin: Locket + Locket + Locket
Senna: Rageblade + Rageblade + 1
Belveth: Bastion/RFC + Rageblade + Rageblade
Heimerdinger: Rageblade + Rageblade
KSante: Protectors Vow

Keep in mind that you can reroll your elusive emblems into Bastion emblems. So if you take Ancient archives, take any elusive emblem and you can reroll it with Pandoras. Never take an emblem thats craftable (ex. Slayer Emblem) since it is not an elusive emblem.


Pandoras is a must unless you are able to get 2 Rageblades and 3 Lockets without it, take TF if you want to force it.


In general portals that give gold are good.
Placidium is especially good as it gives you a guaranteed Bastion emblem.
Some Augments are unplayable and some Augments dont really have an affect on the comp which makes the comp much worse.


The first Augment should always be Pandoras
S++: LevelUp, Morning Light, Hedge Fund
S: Bastion Emblem, RichgetRicher
A: Healing Orbs, Tiny Titans, Ascension
B: All Natural, Gifts from the Fallen, Transfusion, Bastion +1,
C(not sure): WellnessTrust, Tiniest Titan, Targon+1,


Early Game:

You should ideally natural your Kayle 2* before 3-1 and try to play from a winstreak position.

But while forcing this comp, it is not always possible to natural a Kayle 2* in stage 2. What you can do is to play your strongest level 4 board and keep the 1-cost odds to make sure you can hit the Kayle 2*. You might end up in a 4 loss streak, then make sure you lose the 5th round as well.

If you still have not the Kayle 2* and also have some poppy and Maokai pairs, it might pay out to roll a bit on 3-1 until you find Kayle 2*. But if you roll too much and cannot hit anyways, it will be really hard to get out of that situation. So it is a bit risky to force this sometimes.

With Pandoras box, you hold rods and make either Rageblade or Locket, which one you get first.
The Rageblade is slightly more important than the Locket, but don't hesitate to slam Locket. But you will not do any damage without Rageblades, even if your frontline is unkillable. So after 1 Lockets you should already put more focus onto Rageblades.

In the first Carousel, the prio is either Kayle if you dont have her 2* yet or Taric. If there arent any of those, you can go for a rod or for a component that finishes Rageblade or Locket

Your Locket should be on a 2* unit (preferably not a Bastion) like ChoGath, Renekton or something and later you can transfer it to a Bastion unit that is 2* that can use the Locket stats well, so not Poppy or Maokai ideally.

Mid Game:

You should be lvl 6 by 3-2 at the latest. But you can go lvl 6 on 3-1 If you are on a streak or need the level 6 Kayle spike to beat someone and have enough gold to make sure you can level to 9.
There is also a risk that you might get the LevelUp Augment on 3-2 after you have spent your gold on 3-1, keep that in mind!
Your ideal board would be:

Galio is better than Garen most of the time, since his kit is pure tankiness and Garen needs items to do something.
You go level 7 when you have enough gold for it, but at the latest by stage 4-2. You can just add any unit that makes sense to you. The best one is Gwen as it gives slayer and shadow isles but you can also add a Targon, especially Aphelios if you have another leftover Rageblade or just add another Bastion unit even if its two Shens.
You should be level 9 by Stage 5-1,5-2 or 5-5 at the latest. With some good augments that give you gold, you might even be able to reach 9 at 4-2 or 4-5.
It is also fine to go level 9 even tho you will be at 0 gold after, because of the Kayle spike.

Late Game:

From here, you should find your Legendaries and itemize them as well.
With a Bastion emblem Belveth is the best legendary unit.
Senna, Heimer definitly work too.
Play Aphelios, Ryze, Gwen if you have nothing else.

All those units should be itemized with more rageblades.

Belveth is the best damage dealer among them,
Senna does not do too much damage but provide shield for Kayle
Heimerdinger is also a great option and a good user of attack speed items like Guinsoos. I recommend the Shrink and Mechano swarm modules on his turret.

While I feel like Belveth needs the Kayle as a second carry, it might even pay out to sell Kayle for a Heimer Senna duo carry.

Here are some example level 9 boards:

Backup Plan:

Pivoting to Aphelios if you are sure that you cannot reach level 9 is a viable option.
Then you run (6 Bastion) or (4 Bastion + Freljord/Targon) and Urgot and use 3 Locket value with Targon.

Aphelios is an incredible user of the double Rageblade tech. The third item would be Giant Slayer. This is an emergency plan and should not be the normal gameplan as it might help you out turning an 8th into a 6th or even a 4th.


The Positioning is not the easiest with this comp. This will be very detailed and explains how and why I put the units on which spot. It might not be the perfect positioning, but it makes sense for me. Feel free if you have anything that helps!

The moment your Kayle dies, you basically lose the fight (unless you have a Belveth2 fully itemized).
Since Kayle 2 is very Squishy, anything that touches her kills her. But you can prevent it with some positioning.

The most dangerous units are any Rogues and Akshan. Even a Zed 2 without items can jump onto your Kayle and kill her.
And an entire Akshan cast can kill your Kayle as well.
Many times, any frontline just randomely works pass your frontline and goes onto your cornered Kayle.

I do not think there is a perfect counter positioning for everything. You probably just have to adapt your positioning a bit depending on who is in your rotation.
For example always be on the opposite side of the Rogues or always make sure that the Akshan cannot get an angle onto your Kayle, since he always focuses the farthest target.

You can put some other backline bait units such as Heimer or Senna in the other corner to dodge Rogues or Jarvans
Also always have the biggest Tank on the same side as your Kayle like Shen2.

An itemized KSante with some good positioning can also carry the fight. He should either be in the top right corner to kick out a unit instantly or kick out the main tank, which is in the middle most of the time.
Make sure your KSante does not ult units that jump away like Jarvan. If the oponnent has Eternal Winter, your Ksante has to kick him away. Eternal Winters are a big problem in the mid game tho. Your Kayle should not focus the same unit as KSante, he will kick the unit out anyways and you lose some DPS.

Belveth should be on the same side as Kayle to pop her passive as soon as possible.

Units like Jarvan and Gwen should not be in the locket in the lategame, rather than Bastion units. Bastion units gain more resistances in the firsts seconds of the fight. Use that value!
Jarvan and Gwen should be in the 2nd row or in the 3rd row to get some stats from the 3 Demacia trait.

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