Set 9: Runeterra Reforged

Choose Your Legend

Before stepping into the Convergence, you are able to select one Legend. Each Legend has their own preferences with specialized augments which may show up whenever you select or reroll an augment. Do you enjoy getting rich? Choose Tahm Kench! Do you enjoy augmenting your Little Legend? Maybe Pengu will be more your style! Check out our Legends section to view all 15 Legends.
Vote For Your Favorite Region

Once you are on the Convergence, there is no more starting carousel! Instead you and other opponents will be able to vote to enter a region of Runeterra, each with their own properties to change your game. Don’t worry! It is not a majority rule vote and instead the Convergence will randomly select based on weight so choose whichever region and its different locations which best suits you and your Legend.

Augment Reroll Changes

Whenever you select an augment on Stage 2-1, 3-2, or 4-2, you can now individually reroll an unwanted augment once on every stage! Many augments of the past have been changed along with many new augments in Runeterra Reforged with even more player choice. Remember that augments from your Legend can show up from your initial three augment choices plus your individual reroll for each augment so choose which one works best.

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